five dimensions

In the dimensions, the leaders are worried about carndreds coming out of portals. When reene follows a man eating carndred through a vortex, her and the people she meets try to save the dimensions from the dangers coming from an unknown dimension full of terror.


1. prolouge- the first crystal

As she opened the doors and walked down towards the great throne, Morgrissa realised she had a massive job ahead of her. Halister sighed "we have been attacked twice now by those things and none of you seem to be doing anything about them". He sat back down in his chair as he felt he was getting too old now for such a job. The three figures in the room turned as Morgrissa came and sat down; there was a great pause broken by the sound of pouring water. Jason swallowed so loudly everybody could hear, he then began to speak, "now Morgrissa is in power we should see how she is going to stop the attacks". He smiled at her, like the way you would smile at your brother or sister if they were punished for something you did, just to get back at them. Jason and Morgrissa were not friendly towards each other, they grabbed every opportunity they could too out do each other in a battle of wits, throwing insults left right and centre (but under the circumstances this was no place or time for arguing). Suddenly  loud bang filled the room, the door swung open revealing a young woman no older than 20. Gasping for breath the woman looked up out of crystal blue eyes, her light blond hair fell all the way to the floor. The count suddenly burst into life and was touching the girl with his hand around her neck before she could even talk. Morgrissa stood up as a sigh of protest, but the count had already lossened his grip. "WHAT are you doing in here you have no....", he was cut off. The mysterious girl touched the counts cold white hands and his grip loosened once again, shocked, his hand fell from her neck; she walked slowly up to the four of them ( the count had already got back to his seat as quick as possible). She raised her hand to her chest, the four noticed that she was scratched and bruised they also noticed her clothes were ripped; she was out of breath and looked as if she was in a lot of pain. As her hand came near her neck she grabbed a chain and pulled it off, at the end of the chain shone a crystal of deep blue the colour of her eyes. "Look it's here, there you are Halistar, problem solved... you won't get attacked now", Jason said. Halistar replied angrily, "how can you be so sure".  "We can't", Morgrissa said.  the girl slowly put the crystal down and turned to leave.

 Again like before, the count had seen this coming and was already at the door, he slammed it shut, a sudden decline in temperature claimed the room. The girl shouted, shocking the four leaders, "please i must go before the moon is at it's highest point". The count wouldn't let her leave without explaining all that had just happened, so decided to get his fangs out, he thought she would screech with horror or faint, as she looked human like Jason. Vampires were superior to humans (well that's what the count thought anyway), but the girl just stood there staring, her eyes wide waiting for something more. The count was staring into her eyes and saw something no one else could see; he saw something that made him shiver he saw her past. He saw all the pain; all the tears shed; the lonley nights and he saw all the blood wasted. They stood and stared in each others eyes, a hypnotic invisible chain was linking their future together, only to be distracted by Jason who was quite confused by the situation. "Will someone please tell me what's going on, and who are you"! The count was back in his chair and for once in his life looked as if he was alive, as if he had a heart and it was beating, but all of that stopped when the girl finally gave in and started to speak; she only did so because the moon was full and risked people seeing another identity she had.

 Firstly she said something the count didn't want to hear, she knew this but she started anyway. "I come from a long line of werewolves". A gasp of horror came from Morgrissa, Halistar and Jason; the count did not react at all instead he closed his eyes and drifted into a doze even though it was night time. Werewolves were tedious, disgusting and heartless, and as far as everyone else knew they only were to be seen in the pits of the fifth dimension; the species that were in the other four dimensions were humans, witches and wizards, elves and vampires. They stopped the mysterious girl from going on for just a minute. Morgrissa raised her long slender hands, even for a witch she was the prettiest woman in the five dimensions, and looked as white as a sheet. After a while Halistar gained some strength, stood up and said "carry on".



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