One More Day

Harvey and Danielle, Were made for each other, they had been married for 4 years, and dani was 4 months pregnant, the only bad thing was 4 years ago, harvey got the family in debt, leaving them homeless, a pregnant woman, a dog, and a man with nothing but confussion on his mind, until the dead got involved


1. Wedding Bells

4 years ago, augest 10th 2009, 19 year old Danielle Oliver, and 21 year old Harvey lynn, got married at 1:15pm on a wednesday.

"is there anyone, that objects or disagrees to the marriage of miss oliver and mr lynn?"
said the vicor. Dani got a chill at the back of her neck, "someones just walked on my grave.." she wispered into harvey's ear, he knew that it wasn't right, he had, had paranormal activity happen to him and his family in the past, but nothing could find out what.
"in yeeaarss to commee byy, ii willl hauunntt yoourr fammilly foorr marryiinnggg MYY baabbyy, whheenn youur firsstt babbyy commeess allonggg itt wiill bee minnee!!" something, screamed into dani's ear, her eyes widened and harvey was getting worried, she went pale in the face and he could hear her heart beat grow louder and louder. "dani you okay? you look like youve just seen a...ghost..?" harvey said, "i didnt see one but i heard one" she replied, harvey shrugged it off and told the vicor to carry on with the cerimony, "do you, Mr Havey Rowan Lynn, take Miss Danielle Armarni Oliver, to be your lawful wedded wife?" the vicor said "i-i do" harvey said stuttering. "and do you Miss Danielle Armarni Oliver take Mr Harvey Rowan Lynn to be you lawful wedded husband" the vicor procided, "" dani screamed the last part and fell to the ground holding her neck! "Dani, okaay?" Harvey said worried, "yee im, AHHh. fine, something just snapped my neck, i cant get up!" she replied,

and that was the all started, Hell In Paradise!
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