One More Day

Harvey and Danielle, Were made for each other, they had been married for 4 years, and dani was 4 months pregnant, the only bad thing was 4 years ago, harvey got the family in debt, leaving them homeless, a pregnant woman, a dog, and a man with nothing but confussion on his mind, until the dead got involved


2. 4 years later

that day still scared them, that day when everything went wrong, after a long wedding day they got married,

but four years later, it came back to them, Dani was Pregnant with there first child, Mr and Mrs Lynn, lived in a Big House in central london, with there dog charley, Harvey had a good job as an businessman, and Dani was on merternity leave from being a teacher, everything was going fine, thats what Dani thought, Dani being on merternity leave ment Harvey had to pay for the bills and everything whilst she was off, but it was proving to be a struggle for Harvey, things where selling like they used to be, and no good ideas came to him as the flowed, the stress was getting to them and it was obvious.
Harvey's boss gave him the day off to clear his mind, that day he bumped into 4 men, John, Max, Adam and Scott, they looked friendly but that was one thing they wasn't. They where men that collect your money if you where in debt, in other words debt collecters. they knew exactly who Harvey was, but 25 year old Harvey hadn't got a clue who they where. Until they went to a pub 7 miles away from where Harvey lived with Dani, the four men, got him drunk he couldnt move an inch of his body without falling over, the men took hin into an allyway, "Harvey long time no money" scott said, "heyy there my men, last time i got this drunk i got mugged by some deb..ohh, look listen im gonna give the money in i promise, it just its diffi-" harvey said, waking up from his drunk nightmere, "no, ya see mate this isnt how things work, we ask for money you give us it, if you dont we beat you up? which one this time?" adam said sternley, grabbing his neck, "i-ill get you the money i promise..but i dont have it no-now-w" harvey said scared to death, "eyy boys i think its beat up then eh?" stated john, "yeehh" all four said in unison, they got harvey down to the floor, and kicked and punched until he was sick with blood.
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