My life so far...

This story is about 13-year old Maisie who moves to Transilvania and spooky things start to play on her mind...


2. We're moving!

I have just woken up to George saying,''guess what, I just won 100 points on my wii!'' I act like I care but really I don't and he has just fallen off his bed. Ha! That's what you get from being a nerd. Anyhoo, we went downstairs and my mum had her feet propped up on the breakfast table and her balloon (tummy) was jutting over it. My dad was frying some eggs, suddenly my mum decided to make her announcement ‘‘kids, we are moving.’’ It was what we all were waiting for but where am we moving? Well my mum answered that question. ‘‘If you're wondering where then your dad has an uncle who lives in Transylvania and-’’
''Were moving there!!!'' Me and my brother chorused. Finally, I can make my dream come true and explore the scariest place on earth. To be honest, I did wonder why there were boxes all OVER the place. I guess my brother is going to get told off for turning his into some nerd contraption!
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