My life so far...

This story is about 13-year old Maisie who moves to Transilvania and spooky things start to play on her mind...


3. On our way.

So, after hearing that we were moving to Transylvania or however you spell it, we packed non-stop and in the space of about 3 weeks, we had finished. Now I am on my way to the scariest country on EARTH! I can't wait! We have just turned into a dark and gloomy road and my brother threw up so the car stinks of (my mum's) perfume as we were trying to drive the smell of sick away. The house we are living in is awesome! It is huge and it has 5 STORIES!!! We will have a story each and a family one at the bottom. I claimed the top and I made my brother claim the bottom because in the morning he won't want to walk up 3 flights of stairs to tell me his height score on the thingamabobys. I just saw this boy and he was a vampire! To be honest he might end up as my boyfriend, Aawwaawww! Vampire boyfriend. My room is amazing it has black walls and purple bedcovers, my uncle knows me well!
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