You Need Me...I Don't Need You (A Josh Devine Fan-Fiction)

I hate him...With everything I have left of me. He played me and left me broken. I should have known he was trouble but the fact that I was in love blinded me from the truth... The fact I still do is what haunts me... But then again he was my best friend since childhood, what made him do what he did to me? Did I hurt him or was he always just using me? I just can't face the fact, that now I have to see him again, but the thing is... he doesn't know who I am... But I know who he is, or rather was...And now there's only one thing left to say... I'm Truly...Madly...Deeply...In love with him...Josh Devine...But I don't need him anymore...he needs me...


7. Chapter 6

**Mel's POV**

After Josh gained consciousness again all the boys (Niall,Zayn,Liam,Louis,Harry) came onto our bus. "Well I have an idea on how to settle this..." Niall said. "Judge Louis..." (A/N sounds like judge judy hehe) They all said simultaneously. I had a confused look on my face. "Excuse me? Judge Louis?" I asked and they nodded. Sandy came to my side with his arms crossed across his chest. "I'm not following..." He mumbled and Jon and Dan mumbled their agreements. "You'll Melod-Melissa is the defendant and Josh is the plaintiff..." Josh groaned and rubbed his head. "Why do we have to do this? We all know she lied,so why can't we just fire her already?" He mumbled loudly. I felt a pang in my heart,as if I was shot. I guess friends always become foes... I sighed mentally and Sandy noticed my facial expression and he wrapped an arm around my waist. He leaned down to my ear and whispered softly. "He's an ass..." I laughed lightly causing a small smile to appear on my lips. "Enough! Liam get the tables ready!" Louis shouted dramatically.

30 Minutes Later

I sat at a table with Sandy by my side as my lawyer while Josh had Jon as his. Niall was being the security guard.Liam was being the witness and Dan,Zayn,and Harry were the people who decided whether I was guilty or not... I sighed and Sandy leaned in and kissed the top of my head,reassuring me that everything was going to be fine.  "Please rise for the honorable Judge Louis." Niall said loudly. Okay they were taking this serious. Everyone stood up as Louis sat down. "Alright be seated...court is now in session.." Judge Louis called,banging his gavel on the table. Don't ask where he got the gavel... "Today we have Mr.Devine who has filed a claim against Ms.Jones, that she has lied to everyone and is a whore." Louis said reading off of a paper. I furrowed my eyebrows. What the hell? This isn't court! "Please Mr. Devine,your statement." Louis said looking to him and Josh looked at Louis as if he was crazy but quickly shaking it off. "Well Judge you see Melissa has been lying the moment she stepped on the bus she also is a -" Josh was cut off by Louis banging his gavel. "ENOUGH! Now for Ms. Jones..." Lou smiled sweetly at me and I looked to Josh and smirked. Sandy stood up,being the lawyer he is. "Thank you Judge Louis...You see Mr. Devine has filed a claim against my client Ms. Jones, over something pettish. He claims that Ms. Jones had been using a fake name, Melody,when in reality her actual full name is Melissa Melody Jones..." I smiled softly that Sandy knew my full name. "And for proof I call Liam to the stand..." Liam stood up and went up next to Louis. "Your honor Melissa hasn't done anything in my knowledge to make us hate her...She's cool!" He said smiling and I almost laughed but hid it. "This isn't fair! Melissa has everyone on her side!" Josh stood up shouting. "SIT THE FUCK DOWN ASSHOLE!" Louis countered back causing everyone to jump in their seats. Josh mumbled a few words and sat down. I laughed at him in pity. Not even Jon was helping him. "Your honor Josh is guilty as hell..." Jon said standing up. "We agree with that statement Judge Louis..." Harry spoke up for him,Zayn and Dan. Louis banged the gavel one final time. "Melissa Jones! You are not guilty!" I smiled in victory as Josh sent daggers my way. I smirked to him and sent him a small wave. I walked over to him as Sandy was talking to the other guys. "You look a bit frustrated Josh...why don't you call over that prostitute of yours and maybe she'll make you feel better..." I whispered in his ear with a smirk. "But wait... she's probably off with another..." I smirked leaving him pissed. I walked away back to Sandy and tapped his shoulder. He turned around and smiled at me,leaning down,pecking me quickly on the lips. "How about we go on that date tonight love? Say in about 2 hours?" He said and I nodded with a smile. "I should go begin to get ready...I'll take forever..." I joked around and he laughed kissing my cheek softly. I smiled and left him heading to the room. But as I walked in someone knocked and screamed. "Elegant!" I laughed at Sandy and shook my head, walking to my suitcase and searching for the perfect outfit. When I found it, I laid it on the bed and went into the shower to get cleaned quickly. I showered quickly and exited the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me tightly.The door suddenly opened and Josh was there, I almost shrieked but he put his hand around my mouth before I could. "Be quiet!" He whisper shouted. I licked his hand and he pulled away. "What the hell Josh?! Get out! I need to change!" I shouted back to him in the same tone but a fire ignited in his eyes. "Not until I get what I wanted..." He smirked. He pushed me back against the wall,right next to the door,pressing his body close to mine.He locked the door and his eyes went down to my neck. He immediately placed his lips against my neck,kissing me furiously,leaving a mark for sure. I tried pushing him away but to no chance he beat me...and I let him. He ran his hands down my sides,and to my legs,that's when it went a little to far. He was distracted enough for me to push him away. He looked to me with a fire in his eyes before cupping my face in his hands and pressing a kiss to my lips,then quickly pulling away. "Your mine and not his...don't you dare forget that..." He growled. "Oh so one minute I'm a whore and the next I'm yours?Fuck you Josh..." I spat at him and pushed him out the room double locking it behind him. I went into the bathroom applying foundation concealer on the hickey Josh left on my neck. When I was done I walked out,and got changed into my dress. I heard a knock on the room door and in walked Sandy. He smiled at me and took my hand twirling me around. I giggled softly. "You look amazing..." He murmured and I blushed lightly looking away.


"Oh gosh your crazy!" I laughed and he shook his head which was wet. He decided it'd be fun to jump in a fountain. (Only he was wet) q3 I laughed as we held hands and walked together. He stopped us in front of the same fountain and held both my hands. "Will you please be my girlfriend?" He asked me with a light to his eyes. I smiled widely and wrapped my arms around his neck,pressing my lips to his. He instantly kissed me back, snaking his arms around me and holding me tight.That's when the fireworks came out...Like literally there were fireworks in the sky. After a while he pulled away and smiled. " I take that as a yes..." He whispered before pecking my lips again. This was the start.



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