You Need Me...I Don't Need You (A Josh Devine Fan-Fiction)

I hate him...With everything I have left of me. He played me and left me broken. I should have known he was trouble but the fact that I was in love blinded me from the truth... The fact I still do is what haunts me... But then again he was my best friend since childhood, what made him do what he did to me? Did I hurt him or was he always just using me? I just can't face the fact, that now I have to see him again, but the thing is... he doesn't know who I am... But I know who he is, or rather was...And now there's only one thing left to say... I'm Truly...Madly...Deeply...In love with him...Josh Devine...But I don't need him anymore...he needs me...


6. Chapter 5

**Mel's POV **

"Sandy kissed me... it felt good...
He held my hand... that felt good too...
But were there sparks? I'd be lying if I said I felt absolutely nothing,but it's weak... I meant what I told Josh...I mean he lied to...He looked me in the eye and lied...And it's only my second day here!
" I thought all this while getting ready.
I got dressed in my blue and white striped bikini quickly and I threw my cover-up dress on top..I quickly slipped on my matching flip - flops. I went to my suitcase and grabbed out a couple pieces of awesome jewelry. My Superman earrings,with a matching necklace , and navel piercing. I put my hair up letting some loose strands of it fall and slipping on my RayBans. When I was finally done I grabbed one of my favourite books, and I exited the room running into Josh. He looked down at me and tensed up. I muttered a sorry and walked away into the kitchen to get water put of the fridge. I felt a pair of warm strong hands go around my waist pulling me too the him. I smiled a little.
"You ready to go love?" Sandy whispered against my ear. I turned around to face him and pecked his lips lightly.
"Yes,I am,is everyone waiting outside?" I asked him and he nodded taking my hand in his and walking outside the bus everyone's heads whip their way towards us. They all stared at my hand in his.
"Are you two dating already?" Harry asked us. Sandy opened his mouth to speak but I beat him to it.
"He didn't ask me yet,so no...we aren't..." I smirked at Sandy and he just looked at me and smiled, rolling his eyes. The rest of them laughed lightly.
"I still have to take you on a date,now don't I? I want to ask you out the right way." He whispered so only I could hear him. I smiled and kissed his cheek while no one was looking.
"Yes...yes you do..." I told him and he smiled. I looked back to the group of people and I noticed a very familiar pianist...
"No way...Joey?!" I looked at him and smiled,which he gladly returned. I let of Sandy's hand and hugged my friend.
"Didn't think I'd find you here of all places." He told me and I laughed. Sandy looked at us like we were crazy.
"Me and Joey go back. We bothed toured for Taio Cruz... and we had so much fun! He was the one of my only guy friends." I said smiling hugging him again.
"Fun?" Josh questioned us. "Like you two slept together?!" He asked. Me and Joey shared a glance and laughed.
"You do remember I have a girlfriend don't you Josh? The one you met not too long ago...besides Melody and me held the prank wars on tour..." He said and laughed.
"Oh,it's just that I've heard lots of things about Melody, for instance,I heard she slept around alot. That's Why I thought you two did." He retorted back. I felt my face burning with rage.
"You don't know anything Josh,so if I were you I'd stay quiet." I said harshly,balling my hands into fists and looking down.
"Not cool mate..." Joey told him coldly. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked back to see Sandy smiling weakly. "Let it go" He mouthed to me. I sighed lightly and nodded understanding what he said.
"So...who's ready to go?" Dan spoke trying to ease off the tension. I smiled weakly and nodded,keeping Sandy's hand in mine.


We walked to the pool considering it wasn't that far and immediately all the boys took there shirts off jumping in. I laughed mentally and took off my cover-up and throwing it by my bag and laying down on one the pool chairs reading my book. I knew I had a couple of eyes on me as I felt them burning through my skull. I put my book and down and turned my head to face them.
"May I help you with something?" I said in an annoyed tone and I saw everyone looking at Louis then back to me.
"Well you're wearing stripes and Superman...that's Lou's thing..." I shook my head and laughed as Niall told me.
"Whatever..." I mumbled,smiling and going back to my book reading until I felt someone's arms pick me up off the chair and throw me over their shoulder. I threw my book at my bag and punched whoever's back I was punching. The figure laughed and I noticed it was Sandy.
"Put me down! And not in the water! Or I swe -" Before I could finish my sentence I was already in the water. I brought myself up and stared at Sandy's figure glaring at him.
"Or what Mel?" He smirked.
"You can forget about that date." I smirked back and seeing him squint his eyes. I swam away as he jumped in,chasing me. I got behind Joey and watched him and Sandy fight playfully. I then felt another pair of arms,trap my own against my side and whoever's chest. I looked to his arm and saw the compass...Louis... I squirmed and tried to get put of his lock as Sandy came to me laughing. When I knew it wouldn't work I slipped out going under the water and swimming away to the side of the pool getting out and finally being able to breathe. I sat on the edge as did Sandy. "Your so strange..." He said and laughed. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled."It's not a bad thing... "I looked up to Louis who was swimming to us and sitting next to me.
"I mean I'M strange and I turned out pretty fine." He said causing me too laugh.
"I've known you all for less than two days and I know you're not fine Tomlinson!" I said gaining a laugh from Sandy and him.
"Your my new like stripes and Superman..."He hugged me and got me even wetter than before. I groaned and then laughed.
"Sure Lou, think- " I was immediately cut off as I was somehow pushed into the water. My eyes opened wide as I needed air. I submerged and gasped heavily ,I look up and saw Josh glaring at me. "Oops," He plainly stated and jumped in pulling me with him. I struggled against his hold,but I knew I had no luck. I tried kicking and slapping but the force of the water wasn't letting me. I opened my eyes and stared at him under the water,He had a smirk on his face and I didn't know why until I felt where his hand was. I grew with fury and pulled out of his gasp finally. I got out of the water and walked away. I heard someone follow me and yank my arm back. I turned to see Josh. "Nice to see you still like me." He whispered softly and I just glared at him. "In your dreams Devine... " I said trying to yank my arm back but He just tightened his hold. "Oh really? Well explain why your all wet then?" He smirked and I felt the heat in my face rise. I pulled my arm back and slapped him across the face.

**Josh's POV **

What the...she just slapped me.
"First you call me a whore and then you try hitting on me? Go screw with Becc... Not me cause I am not a damn toy..." She spat and walked back to the pool and jumped in. She jumped into Sandy's arms,but when they turned slightly in the water they were snogging. I felt furious as He put her down. I ran to the pool and jumped at Sandy pushing him down under water. I fought the water and punched him. I could feel everyone staring at me and him as we fought,but I didn't care. Two arms soon pulled me up and Sandy. Joey and Niall were holding me back and Liam and Daniel were holding Sandy. I glared at him and growled slightly. "What the actual hell is wrong with you?!" I heard Melissa scream as she went to Sandy and touched the side of his face which I bruised. I applauded myself for that.
"Just having a bit of friendly fun." I said casually. She was furious.
"Beating someone up is fun? Who the hell are you?" She screamed shaking her head.
"I think that question is supposed to be directed to you...who are you Melody Jones? Cause you've been here for two days and you've been lying the whole time..." Everyone turned to her in confusion.
"What's He talking about Mel?" Louis questioned her.
"It doesn't matter..." She said between her teeth.
"Really? If it doesn't tell them.. Tell them what I found out..." I smirked knowing I won.

**Mel's POV **

I felt their eyes burning through me. "Come on Melody their waiting... or should I say Melissa?" Josh said in a harsh tone. I shook my head and got out of the pool as fast as I can,throwing my cover up on and running away leaving everything but my phone and book behind.


I ran to the bus and changed and then running again. I ran until I couldn't run anymore. I found myself in front of a pub. I walked in and sat at a stool by the bar. A bartender came to me. "What could I get for you?" He asked with a wicked smile. "Bourbon...and after that vodka and a shot of tequila..." I said looking to him and He just smiled and nodded getting me my first drink. I downed at once and cringed at the burning of it in my throat...He then got me the rest of my drinks which I downed at once...I kept ordering until I was blown out drunk. I walked put hazily and felt tired. I saw a hotel near by and went in getting a room and taking the elevator up and opening the room crashing into you it and immediately falling asleep.

**Sandy's POV **

She's been gone for six hours and we couldn't find her.It was already 9:00 PM. We all thought she was probably at the bus,locked in the room but when we looked,her wet clothes were in the bathroom and her phone was no where to be found. We,well mostly I called her so many times but she wouldn't answer. I wonder why she freaked out so much when Josh called her Melissa...I mean I honestly thought He was on crack or something but I knew it was much more than that when she ran. Me and Joey were still looking around for her. We finally gave up and went into a bar. When we got in their I saw a familiar phone on a stool. "Joey...That's Mel's phone right there...she was here..." I said walking over and picking the phone up. Joey looked at it. "But she's not here anymore... " A bartender was looking at us as if He was studying us. "A girl with dark red hair came in...I'M guessing your looking for her?" I looked to Joey then him nodding. "Yeah,she's my..." I thought of something to say. "She's my girlfriend and we got into a fight and she left the house." I lied and Joey looked to me and tried not to laugh. "Well, she got pretty wasted and left...she couldn't have gotten far,maybe she stopped by the hotel down the block..." He suggested and we thanked him. I ran out of the pub and down to where this hotel was. We finally reached it and went to the receptionist. She turned and smiled to us. "Welcome to The Mirror may I help you gentlemen? " She asked us with the creepiest smile.
"Our little sister, Melody Jones has booked a room here,and she ran away,we need to bring her back,our mum is worried." Joey stated lying straight into her eyes. She handed us a key to her room and told us the information of where it was. We went up to the room and opened it slightly revealing a sleeping girl with auburn hair. I sighed in relief as I found her. Joey laughed and shook his head.
"She did this once of tour, she was accused of sleeping with Taio because she left his house one morning... fact was me and him and the dancers were all close,we were all friends but we were closest to we had a sleepover..." He laughed. I smiled and shook my head walking over to her sleeping body. I was nudged her shoulder trying to wake her up,but to no avail. instead I picked her up and carried her bridal style while she slept. Joey grabbed all her things and we left checking out of the hotel and walking to Joey's car I put her gently in the back and got into the passenger seat and Joey drove back to the bus.
When we got there I took her in after Joey opened the door and placed her on my bed. I then got changed and went to sleep on the couch.


I woke up as I felt someone sit near me. I woke up and rubbed my eyes sitting up.
"Mel? Why you up so early?" I asked her and she just pointed to her head. "Horrible hangover..." She groaned. I laughed lightly but her expression stayed solemn.
"Josh was right..." She said before getting up and walking out. I sighed and stood up to go after her,to find her on the side of the bus smoking a cigarette.
"You smoke?" I asked her clearly surprised.
"Only when I'M depressed..." She answered taking another huff of it. I shook my head and pulled it out of her fingers and threw it to the floor, stomping on it. She didn't make any attempt to fight against it.
"Thank you..." She whispered. I nodded taking her back in the bus to find everyone awake. Josh glared at her and the others wouldn't look at her.
"I can't do this anymore..." She said.
"Do what Jones?" Josh smirked. "Can't keep up this facade?" He questioned her. She kept her head down.
"Melody...yesterday Josh called you Melissa... why?" Dan questioned her. I looked to him remembering.
"Because... my real names Melissa Jones,but I changed after my parents died and I moved away..." She said with shame. I put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "What happened?" I asked her softly. She looked up and stared at Josh. "It's his fault I's his fault I changed..." She said in tears. "You freaking ruined my life Josh!" She screamed and cried.
"It's not my fault.." He gritted through his teeth looking at her.
"You used me Josh...remember high school? I was just a bitch who was being played for dated me for money after all we've been through as kids!" She shouted and me,Jon,Dan and Joey were confused as hell.
"It's because I never gave a damn about you!" He shouted and before I knew it my fist collided with his jaw and He fell to the floor closing his eyes...blacking out...


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