You Need Me...I Don't Need You (A Josh Devine Fan-Fiction)

I hate him...With everything I have left of me. He played me and left me broken. I should have known he was trouble but the fact that I was in love blinded me from the truth... The fact I still do is what haunts me... But then again he was my best friend since childhood, what made him do what he did to me? Did I hurt him or was he always just using me? I just can't face the fact, that now I have to see him again, but the thing is... he doesn't know who I am... But I know who he is, or rather was...And now there's only one thing left to say... I'm Truly...Madly...Deeply...In love with him...Josh Devine...But I don't need him anymore...he needs me...


4. Chapter 3

**Mels POV**

We all exited the limo and I felt.someone's hand come around my waist I looked to my side to see it was Sandy. I just smiled and rolled my eyes. The lights were flashing and going off they were asking the boys a lot of questions. I wondered why they already invited me to a club anyways.
" Hey Sandy, why did you guys invite me with you?" He looked at me and smiled.
" It's Zayn's birthday today, he turns 20." I just nodded my head as we entered the packed club. Music was blaring but the first thing I noticed was the rich scent of alcohol. I excused myself and headed to the bar for a drink. I sat on a stool waiting to be served. I was looking around nodding my head until someone tapped my shoulder.
" So, sexy thing, what would you like to.drink?" The waiter told me.
"Uhm i'd like some of your finest wine, and please don't call me sexy." I told him as I politely could, but to no avail.
" Sure, and why shouldn't I call you sexy? I'm only speaking the truth." He said smirking while leaning closer towards me. I backed away from him.
" Please just get me my wine." He laughed and bit his lip.
" You have to pay first. And not with money." My eyes widened and i felt the urge to punch him. I felt someones hand on my shoulder. I glanced back to see Sandy. Thank the lord.
" Mate, dont disrespect her. Its quite obvious shes fed up with you." I mouthed a thank you to him.But the bartender wasn't having it.
" Listen, shes mine now."The bartender grabbed my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. I felt his nails dig into my skin.
" Come on mate leave my friend alone, she doesn't want you touching her." Sandy threw the bartenders hand off of me. I then saw Josh coming towards us with a curious look.
" What's going on guys, everything alright?" He looked at me directing the last question at me.
" Yeah I'm fine." I got up and passed him taking Sandys hand in mine.
" Thanks for that back there. It meant a lot to me. Seriously." I told him with back from him.
" It's not a problem, anyways like to dance with me?" I nodded my head in reply.
The beat was pumping louder every time, while my soberness started to fade. I kept getting a couple of shots everytime I got the chance. Right now Sandy was really drunk while I was just a little. I began to have no control over myself at this state. I kept getting closer towards him and he put his hand on my waist and my hand was on his neck. We were barely centimeters apart, but then Sandy came leaning down towards me. Fast enough his lips were in contact with mine. With no hesitation I kissed back. He was a great kisser but, I felt nothing... then again this is a drunk kiss . We wouldn't remember this tomorrow.

**Joshs POV**

I felt as if the anger was taking my body over. I saw my best mate kissing the my ex best friend/girlfriend. I walked up to then pushing the people of the crowd out of my way. As I got closer to them, I noticed that they were both drunk but it wasn't helping the fact they were snogging in public. I was furious so I let the rage take over. I walked over to them and pulled Sandy away from her. I instantly punched him in the jaw. Thank god he was drunk and he wouldn't remember this. I looked over to Melissa. She was angry, her face was red and it looked as if the alcohol instany wore off.
" Are you out of your mind?!" She screamed at me.
" Why the hell would you punch him? Just because he kissed me?! I swear you are such an a**hole!" She went over to his side. He was knocked out cold.
" I swear Josh, you've gone mental. You punched Sandy, your best mate, the guy who is in the band with you! Do you not feel guilty at all?!" She screamed to me over the blaring music. She made me feel guilty even though I intended to do it. I looked down. She was next to Sandy on the floor trying to get him up. I bent down to help.Me and Mels had him over both our shoulders. I pointed towards upstairs indicating that there was a room up there but she didn't understand.
" There's a room upstairs, we'll keep him there for now." She nodded and we both headed upstairs.
I kicked the door open and we put Sandy on the bed hoping he will awaken soon. The music was barely audible from up here. I wanted go talk to her but she couldn't even at look me.
" Josh , why on Earth did you do that?" She still wasn't looking at me.
" I, uh, Sandy has the flu. And he didn't tell you so I decided to pull him away from you before you hot.sick." I lied. She looked at me.and.raised.her.eyebrows.
" As sweet as that is, why Josh, the truth." I had to think of.something.
" Fine, its just that he has a girlfriend. I didn'".I lied her face. And.she looked.pretty.bummed.
" Always the toy, aren't I?" I looked at her and furrowed my eyebrows.
" I mean you, those singers I danced for, Sandy...Guess the world must really hate me." She said looking down. There were tears falling onto her cheek. I slowly walked to her and put a finger under her chin lifting her head up to meet my eyes.
" If I could take back what I did, I would. And I know that I probably won't ever get you back but please, can we at least be friends?" I asked her. More tears falling.
" I can't...I just can't trust you or anyone anymore..." She whispered as if ,if she talked louder she would break. I wiped the tears off her cheeks, leaving my hand on her delicate cheek. I leaned into her kissing her softly. She was shocked. I felt it in her. But she didn't pull away. I did. I looked to her and kissed her forehead and left. Leaving her there to contemplate what had just happened.

**Mels POV**

He kissed me...Josh kissed me...I felt frozen in place. The tears silently rolling down my cheeks. I wiped them off and went into the bathroom to check my make-up. Thank god for waterproof. I heard rustling coming from the room. I saw Sandy getting up. I gave a weak smile.
" How you feeling?" He looked up and shook his head chuckling.
" What the hell happened?" He asked me. I decided to go with a little lie.
" You drank a little too much and passed out. Josh helped me bring you up here." He just nodded his head and laughed. He got up and headed for the door.
" C'mon the party's down there Mels." He put his hand out and I took it smiling. We walked down and I saw Josh. He looked straight at me and then looked away. Josh had an effect on me. He made me a good kinda strange way. Pulling me out of my thoughts were Sandy squeezing my hand. I looked to him.
" I need to thank Josh for helping with me. It's my fault you both got stuck dealing with me." I just nodded but my insides were wanting to explode. We both walked up to him. Sandy tapped his shoulder.Josh turned around and smiled.
" Nice too see your finally awake mate." I knew Josh hated the fact we kissed but it wasn't any of his business.
" Yeah thanks for helping Melody take me up after I passed out. Guess I had too many drinks." Sandy.chuckled and.Joshs.face looked.more relieved than.before.
" Yeah mate. You did. And do you mind if I steal Mel for a moment?" Sandy looked over to me. I nodded and he let my hand go. I followed Josh to the back of.the club where.the.noise.wasn' He wasn't speaking instead he was looking to the ground trying to think. His head shot up.
" Did you feel something, when I kissed you?" I felt a bomb explode. I felt like a girl on fire. But I wasn't about to tell him that.
" Josh, I can't do this. We can't. You have a girlfriend. And I don't know how to trust you." He took ahold of both my hands.
" I'm breaking up with Becc. I thought she'd help fix the hole that was left but she never did. Melissa I want you." He whispered the last part into my ear. His hot breath tickling my neck. I put my hand on his neck. He pulled back and looked at me. He placed a hand on my waist.
" If, and I said if, we did get back together, they can't know. They'd know wasn't Melody. They'd know I lied and I can't be fired. And..." I looked up to him and gave a.small smile. " To get me back, trust first." I pressed my lips to his and pulled away before he could kiss back. Now I'm wondering if I did the right thing...

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