You Need Me...I Don't Need You (A Josh Devine Fan-Fiction)

I hate him...With everything I have left of me. He played me and left me broken. I should have known he was trouble but the fact that I was in love blinded me from the truth... The fact I still do is what haunts me... But then again he was my best friend since childhood, what made him do what he did to me? Did I hurt him or was he always just using me? I just can't face the fact, that now I have to see him again, but the thing is... he doesn't know who I am... But I know who he is, or rather was...And now there's only one thing left to say... I'm Truly...Madly...Deeply...In love with him...Josh Devine...But I don't need him anymore...he needs me...


3. Chapter 2

**Josh's POV**


We drove in silence...not one word spoken... Until I broke it. 

" Please Mels, just hear me out..." We were at a red stop and she looked over to me.  

" There's nothing to say..." She looked at me then out the window. 

" Fine... you don't want to talk, but I do, Melissa, you were my best friend, can't we at least go back to that?" I asked her with a pleading voice.  

" It will never be the same Josh, you have a new life and so do I, how about we keep it like that..." I groaned at her words.  

" You know you can't hate me forever, you have to act normal in front of the lads otherwise your secret would be blown, and mine as well. And just for the record, I never actually intended to break your heart." I told her but she just kept looking out the window with her head pressed to it.  

" There's the thing, as much as I tried to hate you Josh... I can' matter how much you hurt me...but I can't trust you Josh...not anyone...not since mum and dad passed away..." She said crying on the window. 

" Your parents died? How?" I asked her softly. She just looked out the window and sighed. 

" My dad had severe lung cancer and my mum was an alcoholic..." I was confused. Her parents were never like this. 

" Since when did your mum drink? She never looked like she was a drinker." She sighed again. Why does she keep sighing? 

" The day I left she started to drink...two days later dad was diagnosed with a severe case of lung cancer. She literally couldn't contain it so she went on an alcohol rampage. I get a call two weeks later saying my mother had alcohol poisoning and that dad was real short on time so I flew out to see them." She started crying.  

" Dad died a day before I got there and when I went to see mum, she said she was sorry that they did this to me. They never meant to leave me. She died right after I said that but I didn't want to face it." I glanced over to her and felt guilty.  

" I know you don't want to hear it but, i'll always be there for you. No matter how hard you try to push me away." She pushed my shoulder playfully. I laughed at her and turned the radio on. Rock Me was on.  

" Who knew your large ego would actually get you to be a drummer, and I can't believe im going to say this but, your actually pretty good." I smiled and turned into the parking lot.  

I saw the our tour bus and I also saw everyone waiting by them. I parked the car and I helped her take her things out but then she stopped.  

" Hey Josh, hope not I'm being rude but can you please take the rest of my stuff in, I forgot to go put my car in the garage below." I nodded to her smiling and she left. It took her about 5 minutes for me to put her bags there and for her to return. She got on and we saw Sandy and Dan fighting. She looked at them confused then back to me.  

" Are they--?" I knew her question instantly. 

" Yes, and trust me the others are worse." She nodded. 

" If I die, it was all of your faults." She tells me in a serious tone but I just laughed at her. Sandy and Dan finally noticed we were on the bus and they turned to us. 

" Oh you guys are here, anyways welcome Melody to our humble abode. Well bus." Dan told her I say her roll her eyes and smile.  

Thank God she was...

**Mel's POV** 

" Sleeping Josh' s room..." Sandy told me. I mentally groaned.  

" Why can't I have a room to myself?" I saw Joshs face fall a little. Not like I meant to hurt him. Wait what am I saying he hurt me! But then again...Agh! 

" I mean I am a lady and you wouldn't like me when that time comes around. And I swear Devine you try anything with me, you'll be hurt where the sun don't shine." He smiled a little and threw his hands up defensively. I let out a little giggle and he punched my shoulder playfully. I then noticed Sandy and Dan looking at us like we were crazy. 

" Something wrong mates?" Josh asked them. 

They pointed to me. " Since when were you and Mels so close? Did you guys do something in her house?" My jaw dropped and Josh spit out the water he was drinking. How could Dan say such a thing?! 

" Please tell me my ears are busted and that you did not just assume me and Josh of having sex." I prayed quietly I was wrong. 

" That's exactly what we said." They said in unison. Creepy. 

" Guys, why would you think me and Mels would have sex?" Josh asked but they were just holding back a laugh. 

" Maybe because when you two left, you looked at each other and you could care less but all of a sudden your all buddy buddy?" Dan states. 

" And also, cause she is pretty fit. I mean long hair, skinny, beautiful eyes. What's not to like about her looks?" Sandy tell us. That's pretty nice of him but i when I turn to Josh he looks pretty jealous. It instantly faded. 

" Nothing went on, besides I'm happy with Becc." Becc? Who is she?  

" Who's Becc?" I asked no one on particular.  

" Joshs on and off girlfriend. They fight and break up and they say I love you and make up." Sandy informed me and I just nodded my head.

"Well anyways I'm tired so I'm going to change and sleep." I told them all before i headed off. But Sandy stopped me in the middle of my tracks.

"It's only eight and besides we were going to go clubbing and we wanted you to come with us." He informed with a charming smile on his face, A club did sound enchanting at the moment. A drink or two and cute guys.

"Fine you won this time, now let me get changed." I took about 15 minutes to get ready considering we were in a rush. I left my, our (Josh and Mine) room. I walked into the main room of the bus and i hear someone spitting something. I look up and see that it was Sandy who had spit out his water. Dan looked at me and nodded his head in approval while Jon just rolled his eyes at me. Then there was Josh...the lad who looked as if he was stuck in a trance. Then walked in the other five lads with a plus one. All the guys looked at me and said hi but then they did a double take.

"Damn! You are looking fit!" Harry tells me and the lads all start to agree with him. I saw Josh glaring at them but they didn't notice. I loved how hilarious he was when he was jealous. Oh the irony....

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