You Need Me...I Don't Need You (A Josh Devine Fan-Fiction)

I hate him...With everything I have left of me. He played me and left me broken. I should have known he was trouble but the fact that I was in love blinded me from the truth... The fact I still do is what haunts me... But then again he was my best friend since childhood, what made him do what he did to me? Did I hurt him or was he always just using me? I just can't face the fact, that now I have to see him again, but the thing is... he doesn't know who I am... But I know who he is, or rather was...And now there's only one thing left to say... I'm Truly...Madly...Deeply...In love with him...Josh Devine...But I don't need him anymore...he needs me...


2. Chapter 1/Prouloge

They were all pointing and laughing...  

He dumped me in front of them all...  

" I can't believe you actually thought he'd like you! I mean you look like a piece of shit that got hit by a car! " Stephanie yelled to me.  

She was the captain of the cheerleading squad. But she was right I looked horrible.  

"Awe, poor Melissa gonna cut herself? " The other cheerleader asked.  

" If she does, I want to see her bleed to death on the floor!" 

        That was it I wasn't standing for this anymore. I ran to the only place I knew I couldn't be judged... The dance room. I played my music and let it take hold of me. I felt free of everything for a few moments, but then it all came rushing back. I broke down onto the floor, sobbing quietly. I couldn't stand knowing that I was a game to everyone, I mean Josh's my, well was my best friend. We have been ever since we could first talk. But now? He's only the guy that broke my heart. Were those three months that were together for, really a waste of time to him? Ugh...screw this world.  

        All my thoughts were broken when someone knocked on the door. It was my dance instructor. She had four other men with her. 

" Hey Melissa, here are the dance scouts...Scouts...are youngest dance whom at the age of 16 is currently ranking number one at our school..." That day marked a new beginning...


**4 Years Later**

" Hey Mels?" My boss called from his office. If you hadn't guessed, I am a professional dancer, ever since the day the scouts came. I changed my name to Melody.I also dyed my hair a different color and got contacts. Not to mention I lost a ton of weight. Different life called for change... 

" Yeah Rob? You called me?" 

" Yes, you're going on tour with One Direction as a dance instructor for them."  

" Who the hell is One Direction?" He rose his eyebrow at me and laughed. What so funny about me not knowing who this band is. 

" Oh your serious, well there famous and there a British/Irish boyband and they are not yours to date unless said otherwise, understood?" Oh great he was bringing back The Wanted shit again." Well in my defense Max was drunk and so was I, so of course something was gonna happen there and its not my fault I'm so damn sexy." He sighed and looked at me, but then his phone rang. He started talking into it and smiled. When he hung up he looked like a chesire cat. 

" Time to meet the guys, oh and try not to scare them away." He smirked sarcastically at me and I chuckled loudly. 

We walked out the door and down the hall until we stopped at the conference room. Rob opened the door and walked in while I followed. " Guys meet your new dance instructor. Melody these are Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry, and Louis... They'll be the ones your teaching." They all waved to me and smiled.  

"Cool, but quick question. Who's single? And no not because I want a dude I'm just curious." Only two of them raised there hands. The blonde cutie Niall, and the one with curls and adorable dimples, Harry. 

" Oh okay then, well my name is Melody, but you can call me Mels. I'm 20 and single and not available." I smiled but the brown eyed boy rose his eyebrows in confusion.  

" What do you mean single and not available? That's strange..." I sighed. 

" Meaning I don't believe in ' love' or anything like that, basically saying, I gave up on it a long time ago." Hw nodded his head and unexpectingly I was being hugged by the blonde one. 

" You shouldn't give up on anything, whoever hurt you is an ass." He whispered in my ear as he hugged me. I hugged him back. 

" Thanks, I think you'll be best friend." We both laughed but the other blue eye boy groaned loudly. 

" Your so mean and here I thought you were going to be my carrot eating buddy." He pouted and I laughed.  

" You guys are so strangely loveable, and I just met you guys." We all laughed until we were disturbed by a knocking on the door. A middle aged man walked in. I saw three figures behind him but only there shadows.  

" Hey Jon, what you doing here?" Harry asked him. Huh, so his name was Jon... 

" They wanted us to meet the new dance instructor, they said she's staying with us on our bus."  

" Well come on in then, she's right here." One by one they all walked in. One of them looked strangely familiar to me though. I swear I've met him before... Anyways I decided to be the one to break the ice. 

" Hi there, I'm Melody, but call me Mels." I waved to them while smiling. 

They smiled back to me and waved.  

" Well Melody, I'm Jon, and I'm the pianist for these lads."  

" I'm Dan Richards, and I play guitar."  

" I'm Sandy Beales, and I play my beautiful bass for these very mature boys." He seemed serious at first but then broke out laughing. Wow...  

" I'm Josh Devine, and I play drums." That's when it hit me...He was Josh...Josh Devine... That's explains why he was so familiar. He was the douche who broke my heart. I instantly felt sick. They looked at me with concern. I excused my self and ran down the hall towards the bathroom. I ran into a stall and I started to cry my eyes out. Did the world hate me so much? I thought is never had to see his ass again but no...I just had too...  

I cleaned myself up and walked out. I saw the guys waiting outside the door for me.  

" You okay? You seemed like you saw a ghost..." Niall asked me. Yeah something like that I thought to myself. 

" I probably ate some bad chicken." I saw Harry raise an eyebrow at me. I knew exactly what he was thinking. 

" No Styles, I am not pregnant." He sighed knowing his theory was incorrect. I laughed and I saw Rob coming towards us. 

" Hey Mels, go get your bags ready your leaving in an hour, love you darling!" He hugged me.  

" Oh and Josh, drive her there please and help her with her bags if you don't mind." Shit.Fuck.Damn.Hell. What the actual fuck is happening?! I mean really world? You hate me that fucking much? I mentally groaned. I managed to give a small smile. 

" Sure, its not a problem, ready Mels?" He asked me and I swear my heart sunk at his words. 

" Yeah, ready as I'll ever be..." 

We walked out the building, and the only thing that I could think of was Josh. How much I hated to be here right now near him. But it seems to me he doesn't remember who I am. I guess its better that way. I was rudely interupted by Josh poking my face. 

" Yes? What do you need?" I asked him as nicely as possible.  

" You zones out on me for a minute there and I was wondering if it was fine with you if we took my car." He smiled. His smile...Ugh... 

" Yeah sure, why not? Saves my car gas." I said jokingly. He laughed.  

We walked towards his car. It was A Mustang... and it was black...I remeber him telling me back in high school that this type of car was his dream car and I'd be the first to ride in it... Damn this life is jacked up... 

" Nice ride, you have here." I said as he smiled. Why'd he keep doing that?!  

" Thanks, I've wanted a car like this ever since I was in high school." He said proudly. I got into the passengers seat as he got into the drivers. We were soon off. 

" So Mels tell me about yourself?" He glanced over at me. 

" Well, I'm 20 years old, my birthday is September 18th, I never finished high school because of dance. And you Mr. Devine?" I asked him smirking. He smiled at me. 

" Well, I'm Joshua John Devine, but please call me Josh,21 years of age, professional drummer, July 9th is my birthday. I have a younger brother Ben, who is 19. That's pretty.much it." I let out a little laugh. I then sighed.  

When I saw my flat come into view we pulled up. We both got out and ran upstairs. I forgot how much fun I had with Josh, maybe the hate covered it up. I ran into my room with Josh following. He grabbed a suitcase and we started filling it up. But he was soon distracted with god knows what. 

" Where did you get this?" He was holding up our picture from high school. We were going to homecoming together. I froze.  

" Where did you get this Melody?" He repeated the question. 

" You weren't suppose to.see that...." I told him. 

" Well I did, and you have me.and my best friends.picture in your room?" He asked. I scoffed. 

" Best friend? Don't you mean ex? Or rather the girl who was all a damn bet!" I screamed in his face. His face hardened then softened. 

"Me-Melissa?" He had tears in his eyes. 

" Nice too see you finally figured out who I am Josh..." I was crying too. 

" That's why you ran away earlier today, cause of me..." He said whispering. 

" You know what I hate about what you did Josh? I practically flipped a.switch on my emotions... I hate love, and I will never feel it again because you were a cunt who broke my heart." He looked to me then the ground.  

" I'll be down stairs waiting..." He left me to myself to finish packing and I did. When I finished I went downstairs and I threw my suitcase in the trunk and got Into the passengers seat. He stared out but I swear I heard him mumble something.  

" I'm sorry..." My hearing must be jacked up. This was gonna be a hell of a tour...

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