Stay. ( A Niall FanFic )

Niall left for x-factor leaving Holly out on her own. Her best friend has been gone for three years. But every time he came back to Ireland he doesn't see her, she is heart broken. What happens when he sees her again?


1. London!

          Denise, Greg's fiance was helping me with my homework. I always went to Aunt Maura's house after school because mum is at work. I call her aunt because my parents told me it was a sign of respect. I closed my maths book quietly and slid it in my bag. " Hols!" Greg said giving me a nuggie. " Greg! leave the poor girl alone!" Denise said as I fixed my hair. The door opened and I saw him. Niall. " I'm home." He said. Aunt Maura hugged him, then Greg and Denise. I looked up at him as he towered over me, " Niall you remember Holly" Aunt Maura said. He looked down at me and put me in a tight hug. " You've grown so much." He said. " How come you never came and said hi the other times." I said. " I only had a few days to stay, but this time it is a few months." He said letting go of me.


          His mates came into the house. " Holly!" Louis screamed. I looked at him as he gave me a tight hug, " your gonna crush the poor girl!" Liam said. Louis let go of me and I hugged the rest of the boys. " you grown from the last time we saw you." Zayn said. " I got three years older." I  said with a shrug. " We owe you." Liam said. " It's fine." I said sitting on the couch next to Greg. " No, your basically part of the family and the fandom so we have to get you stuff even if you don't want it." Niall said.

*Two weeks Later*

          The surprise is me moving into the boys' house. " I'll call when we make it." I said hugging dad. " Take care of our little girl Niall." Dad said as I hugged mum. " All the boys will." aunt Maura said. " If she gets hurt I will beat every single one of you." Greg said as he gave me a hug, " I thought you weren't serious how protective he is of her." Louis said. " She is out little sister." Niall said.


          I sat between Zayn and Niall. Niall fell asleep on my shoulder and he kept snoring. Louis started laughing, " are you kidding me." I groaned.


          My room is a creme color. My closet like thing was HUGE. The three doors slide and they have mirrors. I had two big dressers, one with flowers on it then one with a painting. I had a chandelier handing over my bed. A big bed then windows and a patio. I had two little side tables. Soft rugs and a rocking chairs. " It's really big compared to your room back home but do you like it?" Niall asked. I nodded, Holly!" Eleanor said. " Hey." I said as she gave me a hug.


          Niall went out with Louis to get me cloths. I really don't like shopping so I hadda tell them my size. They came back with tons of bags, " These are all for you." Niall said. " We got you a lot of shirts, pants and girl things." Louis said. I looked at him, " Eleanor went and got that stuff." He said. " Because I was gonna say..." I said.


          Louis and Niall picked out a lot of things I like. I put my last pair of pants in the drawer then closed it. " Lunch is downstairs." Harry said. I nodded as I went through the door after him then followed him to the dining room. " We talked to Simon about you staying." Liam said. " He said you can stay." He said. I nodded, " We got subway." Zayn said. " You must be Holly! I am Perrie." she said giving me a hug. " Your Zayn's girlfriend right?" I said. " Yup!" she said. " You guys never told me!" I said. " We thought you knew." Zayn said. " I didn't." I said. " Now you know." He said.


          " Don't tell me you got the last juice box." I said to Louis. " I did. What are you gonna do?" He said. " I will snap your carrots in half." I said. His eyes shot open and gave me it. He didn't drink out of it yet, " Thank you." I smirked.  " FOR CARROTS!" He screamed. I drank it then threw the empty carton away. " She chugged it!" Louis said. " She has a great appetite." Niall said. " she eats like you which is all the time." Eleanor said sitting down on the couch.


*Next Day*


          " Hols." Niall said. I let out a groaned, " Time for school." He said. I rubbed my eyes as he got out of my room. I got out of my bed and looked at my mirrors. My hair was sticking out in different directions.


          I took out a stripped shirt, red pants and a pair of white vans. I straightened my hair then went downstairs. " We got a mini Louis!" Harry said. Louis came downstairs, matching me. " You got me the same outfit as you." I said. " Yea! who wouldn't want it." He shrugged. " Breakfast is ready." Harry said.


          I ate my chocolate muffin, " Why is she eating chocolate for breakfast?!" Liam said. " I don't really eat anything in the morning." I said. I slung my bag over my shoulder, " Have a good day at school alright?" Niall said giving me a hug. " Alright." I said. " I'm gonna drive." Harry said getting his keys. I nodded as we headed out the door. Girls started screaming and flashs went off. I went into the passenger sear as Harry started the car.


          There was girls caked in makeup. The boys were whistling at them, they have no respect. I got my time table and went to m first class, phys ed. I went into the locker room and got my uniform from my teacher. I got dressed in the bathroom and put my cloths in my bag.


          We were playing football (soccer). " girl's don't play." A girl said with her words a bit harsh. " You girl's don't but I do." I said. " Are you playing?" My teacher asked. I nodded as the girls gasped. It turned out, I was the only girl playing. I don't know how they even get a good mark.


      I kicked the last goal we needed and my team cheered as the girls jumped up and stared clapping. " That was brilliant." One boy, Drew said. " Thanks...I guess." I said. I took my bottle of water and chugged it down the threw it away. The rest of the time was people talking. " What's your name?" One of the boy's asked me. " Holly, yours?" I asked. " Warren." he said. I nodded a bit before we went inside the school.


          I put on my locket then the bell rang. I got out of the bathroom and looked at my timetable then bashed into someone. " Sorry." We both said. I looked up, he was pretty cute. " your Holly right?" He asked. " Erm yea..." I said. " I am Bishop, they told you at the front that I would help you since I have all your classes." He said. " Alright." I said. I followed him to the next class, world history.


          I sat alone at lunch, " Get out of my seat." Someone said behind me. " Why don't you make me." I said turning around, she was one of those girls that looked like a crayon raped her face. " Just leave her alone Kara." Warren said. " You don't fucking know me." She huffed, " I can take it your a slut. But what do I know, I just came to this school." I said with a shrug. Her mouth swung open as Bishop sat right next to me. " I'll take that as the truth then." I said turning back around.


         Louis picked me up after school, " How was the first day?" He asked. " I told a girl off. She was always...ya know...being a..." I said. " ohh. You told her off didn't you." He said laughing. " Yea." I said.


          I took my bag off, " How was school?" Niall asked. " Not enough food for lunch." I said going to the fridge. " We brought nandos!" Harry said. " Gimme the food." I said. He raised the bag up, " Don't start with me." I said. " Alright. Calm down." He said putting the food on the table.



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