Will a british boy teach Castin how to love? Or will she just pust him away?



4. Scared

Harry grabbed my hand. We were running outside. We got to what i'm guessing his car and told me to get in. He was going so fast. We pulled up to a hotel. Harry ran to my sie of the car and pulled me out. I felt like i was a doll being thrown everywhere. I just went with it. He brought me to his room. We got in and he came to me. Cupping his hands around my face looking deep in to my eyes.

Harry: Are you okay?

I nodded my head. He let go of my face.

Harry: Who was that man? I'm calling the cops!

I got scared of what would happen if we call the cops. Harry already had his phone his hand.

Me: Harry NO! N-no you can't

Harry: Why can't  I?

Me: Harry i'm about to tell you something i have never thought about telling someone before. But you have to promise me you won't tell anybody.

We sat on a sofa. Harry face looked worried. I looked down at my hands. Taking a deep breath before talking.

Me:' My mom is an alcoholic. That man is my step father. He has been doing things to me for a long time now. He would always tell me if i told someone. He would hunt me down and kill me. Last night he came home drunk he didn't his same thing to me but this time he was going to kill me. He had a gun to my head. Someone came in the house so i knocked him out and left. I got here and i noticed he was following me. He found me, took me to an alley. He hit me a couple times. He r-raped me and left me there to d-die'

By this moment tears are just pouring down my face. Harry took me in his arms. I cry for the longest time.

Me: Harry i have to go or he's going to find me.

Harry: Castin your staying with me no matter what.

Me: Thank you

i hugged him tighter. I liked the feeling of being in his arms, it made me

Harry: I'm going to sleep inhere here and your going to sleep in my room.

Castin:Harry i can't

Harry: i'm not taking no for an answer.

He gave me some cloths and showed me to the bathroom. I got out and i got in the bed


He found me. And only hes tring to kill me. I have to keep running. Oh he got harry. What is he doing with that knife. No NO


I woke screaming. I had forgot where i was. Everything  came back to me. Harry came running in the room. He came up to me and held me tight.

Me: Don't let go...

Harry: I won't

That night Harry slept with me. I held on tight to him and he did to me. We feel asleep in each others arms.




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