Will a british boy teach Castin how to love? Or will she just pust him away?



3. Remembering what happen

Harry's POV

Me ,Paul, and the boys brought Castin to the hospital. The boys and Pual went back to the hotel while i stayed here. They just let me in her room. She loooked so hurt. I been here for about maybe two hours now. I sat on a chair back her bed and fell asleep.

Castin's POV

I wake up in a hospital bed. Everything had came running back to me. What happen last night and it was like my life flashed before my eyes. I started to wonder if he knows where i'm at? Then i realized that there was a curly head boy sleeping onthe chair by my bed. I taped his shoulder, he didn't wake up so a taped him couple more times., he still didn't wake up. So i shaked me hand he that beautiful hair of his. that time he woke up. He looked very startled to see me up. when i seen his face i remember who he was. He was the guy that helped me last night.

 Me: Aren't you the guy that tryed to help me last night?

Guy: YES

Me: I'm sorry i forgot your name

Guy: Harry.... Harry Styles

Me: Wait aren't you in that boy band umm.. wait i know the name... its on the tip of my tongue

Harry: One Direction

Me: I knew it. When can i get out of here?

Harry: When you wake up.

I got up and put some cloths on that Harry gave me. I didn't really know why he was still here. We walked out of my room together. In the middle of the hall there was my step father. I grabbed Harry's hand and ran the other direction. We toook the stairs. I think he was following us. Harry asked what was going on like a million times but i never answered him back. When we got to the first floor i felt that he wasn't follow us anymore so i slowed down.

Harry: Castin what going on?

Me: I need to go hes going to find me

I  turned my back to Harry and started to walk. I looked back at him. He looked heart broken. When i looked back to see where i was going there was my step father right infrount of me

Step father: Thought i was going to let you go huh?

Me: Harry... HARRY

I did the only thing i thought of. I said harrys name real low hoping he would hear me. Then my step father rubbed his hand in between my legs. Then i had know choice but to screamed Harry's name. We were in a hallway were the bathroom and stairs was so know boby seen him. Harry came running to me.

Harrys POV

As i turned around to walk away knowing that i'm never going to Castin ever again but then i heard my name. I knew that voice from any where. It was Castin. I ran where we were a few minutes ago. I seen Castin push up in a corner with a man keeping her there. I ran up to him and turn him to face me. I got so mad i took my fist and punched him dead in his face.He fell to the floor, leaving a mark of my fist on his face. I took Castin's hand and we ran out the building. We ran to my car. We got in and i  brought her to the hotel we were staying at. We got out and i quickly running to our room. We finally got in.

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