Will a british boy teach Castin how to love? Or will she just pust him away?



2. Leave Me Alone

I have driving for hours now. I"m on my way to New Orleans. I think it would be really hard for him to find me there with all the people. The only way i can stay awake is to listen to music so i the radio on. I turn it as loud as it could go. I never heard of the song that came on. But i loveed it. So i finally saw a sign that had 'Welcome to New Orleans'. I was trying find a holet to sleep in when i noticed that i was being followed. I could hear my heart beat. I started to get really scared. But the car turn. I was down a road with a line of cars parked on the side of the road. I found a speace open on the side of the rode by this huge building. It had a line of scarming girls. I counld hear the music playing. I just sat in my car. I almost felt sleep but then i heard a bang on my window. I jump up and look to my window and there stood my step father his gun was pointed at me. He told me to get out the car. He tried not to make people notice us. I got out the car he grabbed me and put the gun to my back. He took at to an alley. He throw me on the ground. 

Me: Leave me alone!

step father: Oh i'll leave you alone right after i get my revange.

He tied my hands and feet up. He started to take my cloths. So i started to scraem. He punch my face. I hit my head on the ground. I could feel the blood run down my face. I felt weak as if i was about to just pass out. He riped half of my cloths on. As he raped me in the alley. I just closed my eyes hoping it would end soon. I opened my eyes and he was gone. I put the cloths i had lefted on and just sat there crying my eyes out. I had my knees to my cheast and my face in my knees. I don't know how long i just sat there crying and crying.

Harry's POV

We finished the last song of the concert. We ended it with the one and only What makes you BEAUTIFUL. After i went outside to call my mum like i always do but i heard crying. I put my flash light on my phone. I look from right to lift and found a girl crying in a corner. I walked close to her putting my hand to her shoulder.

Me: Are you okay?

Girl: Don't touch me!

She yelled at me. I took a step back.

Me: It's okay i'm not going to hurt you

Girl: Please don't hurt me!

She had her back facing me. I walked around to her front and saw that some of her cloths were riped off of her. I put my hands on her shoulders and i could feel her shaking. She looked up at me i saw a beautiful girl that looked beat up. Her eyes were bright red from crying and he forehead ws bleeding.

Me: Please come with me i'm going to help you

She didn't say a word. I stood up and put my hand out for her to grab. She grabbed it. I smiled. I brought her to my dreesing room. I told her to set on the couch while i got ice.

Me: Whats your name love?

I sat next to her. She was still shaking. I put the ice on her head. She took a deep breath before talking.

Girl: C-Castin, hes going to f-find m-me.

Me: who is he and what happen to you?

Castin: can i have some w-water

I walk around and i counldn't find water so i just gave her mine. When handed it to her and she drunk half of it in less then five seconds. She took a another deep breath.

Castin: I ran away from home and my step father find me. He beat me and raped me and now i have nothing.

She started to cry i my shoulders. I held her close. We sat there for a min. Then she stood up and started walking to the rastroom. Then she fell to the fall to the floor.


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