Will a british boy teach Castin how to love? Or will she just pust him away?



5. Don't Leave

Harry's POV

I woke up to see Castin still in my arms. She looks so peaceful. Theres something about her that just makes want her more and more. I got out of bed trying not to  wake her up. I made pancakes and waited for her to wake up. I was watching tv when i heard my name being called in my room. I woke in my room. To see Castin crying

 Me: What happened

Castin: Juat a bad dream

I could tell she was trying to just brush it off.

ME: Come on I made pancakes

We ate our pancakes in the living room while we watching tv.

Castin: Harry what if he finds me?

ME:We only have one more place to go and we are done with the tour.

Castin:  where y'all going

ME: Ireland

Castin: oh ya'll should have fun there

ME: It will with you

Castin: I didn't get it

Me: Get what?


I smiled at that. At this moment i wanted her so bad but i knew i couldn't have her....yet. i was just about to make a move but then the boys had to come. Castin jumped. I smiled when she did. I took her to the boys.

Me: Boys this is Castin. Castin met Louis,Liam,Niall, and Zayn.

They all said there different hellos

Liam:Are you ready Harry?

Me: Where we going?

Liam:ummm i didn't know made Ireland to finsh the tour.

Me: I forgot we are leaving today

Castin: While i'll just get going by guys have fun in Ireland.

I grabbed her hand before she started to walk and put her to me.

Me: You're coming with us don't you remember?


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