Will a british boy teach Castin how to love? Or will she just pust him away?



1. Castin

Castin was a girl that lived in Louisiana. She lived with her mom and step-father. She was 15 almost 16. She dark brown hair with sky blue eyes. She went to an online school. Her life was not like a normally teenagers life. Her mom got super depressed when her dad died. Her mom would drank alcohol more then usually. She would also take drugs. The drugs would make her hurt Castin uncontrollably. Castin's room was up stairs. Her mom would lock her in her room for about a week or two. It took her mom year to move on and find a new man. He soon became Castin's step-father. Her mom would never be home at night because her and the step father would go to clubs.

 Castin's POV

my mom and stey father went out like normally tonight. I got hungry so i made sure they were gone and went in the kitchen. I grabbed an apple and ran back to my room. I shut my door then i heard someone come in the house. I hide the apple under my bed. I got in my bed and pretend i was asleep. I stayed there for a minute. My step father came in my room angrily.

Step father: Wake up!

He walk over to my bed as i still pretend to be asleep. He pulled the covers off of me. Then he slapped me right across my face. I put my hand on my cheek. It hurt so bad. I started to cry.I wiped the tears off my face as he took my arm pulling me out of bed.

Me: STOP IT! Your hurting me.

He turn around to me with the scrarest look on his face. He let go of my arm and i took a step back but hit my bed. I was traped by him and the bed. He got closer and closer to me. I didn't know what to do. I felt like i was froze. He got to close and rubbed inbetween my legs. I push him off of me. I tried running to my door but right when i got to my door he had caught up to me, pulling my hair making me go his direction. he held me against his cheast not letting go of my hair.

Step father: Shouldn"t of did that my dear now your mine to night.

He pulled me by my hair down on my bed. He put a gun to my haed and told me if i didn"t do what he says he will kill me. Then he told me to take off my cloths still keeping the gun to my head. I started to slowly take my cloths off with tears just pouring out of my eyes. Then we heard a loud noise. He looked at the door then i made my move. I hit the gun making it point to the celling. I punched him in the stomach then right after that i punched him straight in his nose. He felt on the floor. He was unconscius. I had a bagged packed for me if i was in the problem. I rolled him over to him stomach. I pulled out his phone, car keys and wallet. I ran out the back door running to his car.

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