Trouble Maker (Finished)

Zayn is a player. Hazel is a innocent girl. When Hazel falls in love with Zayn, she is afraid he will play her just like he did the others. Will he stand by her? Or will he betray her like he did before?


23. You Again?!

"No. Not yet." I said, with finality. I didn't know if I made the right choice. 

"Wait, no?" He said, his face dropped. He looked as if he was going to cry.

"I have to think about if we are right for each other. I don't know if I can trust you." I said. He hid his face in his hands for a few seconds, then lifted his face up and looked straight into my eyes.

"I love you." He said. I felt so bad.

"I-I know. But, I can't jump into a commitment this fast.." I said. I knew this would make him feel even worse. He needs to know what he did to me was not OK and now he has to pay for it.

"I want us to be together forever." He explained. I could see the hurt in his eyes.

"I don't know, Zayn." I said, "I think that we need to wait for a while. I need some time to forgive you." I felt really bad but, it was the truth. I don't want to make a decision too fast and regret it later.

"OK. Just promise me one thing." He said. I could hear the quivering in his voice.

"OK, what?" I asked.

"You won't be with any other guy until you make the decision to marry me or not." He said. I looked into his eyes. I could tell he was serious.

"Yes, of course." I said. I stuttered at the words.

"Kiss me." He said, coming closer to me.

"Wha-?" I said. I couldn't finish the words, he cut me off by kissing me. His lips were quivering while in the kiss. I let it continue until he started to try and heat it up.

"No. Not yet." I said, pulling away.

"Bye, Hazel." He said, turning around. I knew he didn't want me to see his face. He was most likely crying or getting ready to cry.

"Bye, Zayn."


It's been a week since I've seen Zayn. I don't know if he dropped off the face of the earth, or moved to another state or something; I haven't gotten a text or anything from him. I have been staying at Sophie's place because I don't want to be alone in mine, with a baby and all. I am almost 9 months pregnant (1 week short) and I am nervous if the baby will come early or not. I want the baby to be as healthy as possible. 

"Hazel, someone is here to see you." Sophie informed me, she looked at me and raised her eyes brows. I knew that meant it was a guy or one of my ex's.

"Hey, Hazel." A male voice said from the front door. It was Axel, my ex-boyfriend before Zayn.

"Um. Hi, Axel?" I said with a confused voice. I was wondering why he even bothered to some here. He broke up with me and ran off with a girl he met at a bar named Heather.

"I know this is weird.....but I need your help." He said. What? Why would he some to me for HELP?

"With what...why would you come to me?" I asked. I was still kind of pissed at him for leaving me in such a harsh way.

"Heather is...pregnant. But she is....a fugitive." He said, staring at the ground.

"Well, do you want me to help her....what?" I said, looking at him in a weird way. Why would he come to me about her?

"I don't know. You're the only person I can trust to help me." He said, looking up from the ground.

"Well, do you want me to help her get away from the cops or...?" I asked. I shrugged at him. He shrugged back.

"Yeah, pretty much." He said. I couldn't believe how nonchalant he was about this. I looked at him in disbelief.

"Um..I don't know what to do." I said, he looked at me strangely.

"But, you've done it before." He said. I can't believe he just brought that up. I told him to never speak of that ever again. Why would he do something like that?

"I told you to never bring that up, ever." I said. I was a little mad now.

"I'm sorry. I just, need you to help. You got away, how?" He asked. I looked at him straight in the eyes with anger in them.

"I'll show you how I got away, if you promise never to bring up the fugitive thing again." I threatened, he nodded. Good.




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