Trouble Maker (Finished)

Zayn is a player. Hazel is a innocent girl. When Hazel falls in love with Zayn, she is afraid he will play her just like he did the others. Will he stand by her? Or will he betray her like he did before?


19. Unfaithful

I wanted to seriously stab Ashlyn in the neck. I was so done with her. I knew she had something to do with it. The lawyers didn't just not show up when they are getting PAID to do this kind of thing.

"Wait! Wait! I have something to say your honor." Ashlyn said. I am surprised she had anything more to say. She got what she wanted.

"I made this all up. He didn't really hurt me. It was fake, and I want all charges dropped. Also, I paid their lawyer to not show up." She announced all in one breath. Why is she admitting to this?

"Well, I can drop all charges against Zayn if you say your report is fake. Are you sure you want to do that?" The judge asked, getting ready to pound the hammer on the table.

"Yes. I'm sure, your honor." Ashlyn said with finality. I still didn't know why she was saying this. I knew it was true, but why? She probably has some reason that has to do with stealing Zayn from me....again.

"The defendant is found not guilty then." The judge declared, smacking the hammer on the table. At that, everyone left the court room. I stood there with my mouth open in shock.

"You got what you wanted." Ashlyn said. I turned around to see her right next to me. How did she even get here so fast?!

"What do you mean. You're the one who pressed charges in the first place." I replied. I looked at Zayn for support but he shrugged. Basically telling me he didn't want to deal with this bitch.

"Nothing. Now I'll be able to do whatever I want to Zayn and I won't have a reason not to." She stated, and walked off. She was so conceited and arrogant.

"I am so scared of what she'll do when I leave in the summer." I said to Zayn, hugging him.

"I will be OK." He said, looking me in the eyes. I knew he cared about me but I didn't know if he could resist Ashlyn. I was scared of what she'll do to him if he does reject her.

"I will talk to you everyday when I'm in New Jersey." I told him. He grabbed my hand and lead me out of the court room and into the parking lot. We got into his car and he said:

"I'll never leave you. I love you so much and you are so beautiful. I want to be with you forever and spend every day with you. I will never stop talking to you while you're away for the summer and I'll never leave you. Ever." He said. I swear I am going to cry. He is so sweet and I hope he really meant that. He grabbed my face and started to kiss me. Then, we drove home.


Phone conversation:

Hazel: I miss you already and I just got here.<3

Hazel: Babe....why aren't you answering me?

Hazel: Are you OK?

Hazel: HELLO?!

I was worried he was hurt or worse...kidnapped by Ashlyn or something. He always answered his phone when I texted him. I didn't want to think about Ashlyn anyways. I wanted to enjoy the rest of my summer with my grandparents. I didn't want to think about her. I am going to have no worry's. And that's what I intend to do.


I walked up to Zayn's house and grabbed my key excitedly to open the door. I couldn't wait to see him again. I missed him so much and was hoping he would propose to me or something. He did say he loved me before I left. I opened the door and ran into the living room. He was always there. When I got there I saw the worst thing I ever imagined: Zayn and Ashlyn making out on the couch. I had a horrified look on my face and I started to cry. When he noticed me he looked at me and so did Ashlyn. She smirked and I ran away. I didn't want to see Zayn ever again. He lied to my face when he said he loved me and wanted to be with me forever. I was so through with Ashlyn and her arrogance. I wanted to leave all my troubles behind. I just about did that when I ran into the wall of the kitchen.

"Hazel! Please let me explain!" I heard Zayn say as I got up off the floor. That wall hurt.

"Shut up! I never want to talk to you again you liar! You said you loved me and then you go and hook up with the girl who tried to put you in jail while I was away! Are you freaking serious?! What happened to you saying you wanted to be with me forever and that you loved me?!" I screamed. He looked hurt and angry at the same time.

"I made a mistake. I'm only human." He said. I couldn't believe it. That was the only thing he could say?!

"Oh my god! Seriously you think I'll fall for that?! I know you lied and you just waited for me to leave so you could be with her. Why didn't you just say so." I said. I was so done with him. I loved him but then he did this to me.

"I am sorry. I really do love you. Ashlyn made me do this. I swear." He said, grabbing my hand. I jerked away.

"I don't believe it! Even if it was her who did it why were you making out with her?! I bet you guys hooked up a couple times while I was gone, too huh?" I said. I was boiling with anger. He looked guilty and sad.

"I love you, seriously. I never wanted to be with Ashlyn. I guess, she was just the only one here and I missed you so much and I wasn't thinking about what I was doing." He said, he grabbed my hand again. This time, I let him do it. I was still pissed off, but a little less.

"I will have to process things for awhile, Zayn. I don't know if we should continue this relationship if you keep betraying me. I want to have some time to think about if we are right together." I said. I was about to cry.

"But, I love you and I promise to be with you and never betray you again." He said. He looked like he was about to cry too. Burt I wasn't sad. I was being serious and real about this. I don't know if we should continue our relationship if he is going to be unfaithful.

"Don't leave me, Hazel." He said.

"Goodbye, Zayn."

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