Trouble Maker (Finished)

Zayn is a player. Hazel is a innocent girl. When Hazel falls in love with Zayn, she is afraid he will play her just like he did the others. Will he stand by her? Or will he betray her like he did before?


3. Decisions

I knew what I had to do. But I had to make the right decision. I couldn't understand why I couldn't figure out what to do. 

"Hazel! Where is that bitch?!" I heard my dad scream, as he slammed the door.

I was scared as heck now. I could hear his footsteps sound closer to my door.

"Leave her alone, Justin, she doesn't need to get dragged into our fight!" My mom yelled at my father.

I could her a loud pound, and then some crying. I heard my mother start muttering something but she was crying to much, I couldn't make out the words she was saying. I was scared my dad would try and beat me to, I didn;t want my mom to get hurt though. I had to go and help her. In bravery, I opened the door and saw the most horrifying sight I had ever seen. My dad had beaten my mother to death. Her lifeless body was lying on the floor. I started to weep, I couldn't control it. I heard my father start crying to, even though he was the one who caused this.

"What did I do?! I didn't want this to happen!" My father said, sounding crazy, he was also crying, so I could barely understand what he was saying.

"You killed my freaking mom you crack head! Just leave me alone forever! I never want to see you again!" I cried out in anger as I lied next to my mothers lifeless body.

"No one talks to me like that." My father said, getting his fury back.

I was even more scared now than I was before. He was the most abusive person I have ever seen. I didn't want to be with him anymore. I wanted to run away and never be seen by him ever again. I looked him straight in the eyes as he started to raise his fist to my face. He swung his hand across my face and I fell on the ground and held my face in pain. I was going numb there, and I started to cry even harder. If that could even be possible.

"I told you to respect me!" He said.

"I'm sorry! I won't do it again!" I said, crying even harder now.

I lied on my mothers body and cried as hard as I ever had before. I lifted my head up to look at him, this time he smacked my right in the eye. I fell over again and cried even harder. I wanted to stop and run as far away as I could. But if I did that, he would chase me. I knew he would.

"Never say anything like that to me ever again! Do you understand?!" He said, smacking me one more time on the other cheek.

"OK, OK I won't I swear!" I said crying even harder and pleading to be let go. 

"OK, fine just don't talk to anyone about your mother! You got it?!" He said, getting up and going into the master bedroom. He was probably going in there to drink some more or to do his daily "Happiness Drugs," or whatever he called it. I called it "Death Therapy." I got up, looked at my mom one more time and went into my room. I was so sad and angry. I couldn't handle this. I wish knew some friends I could call to take me away from this monster of a father. There was no way to get out of this place. Except, going to the school and getting help from the principle. I looked around me, put my shoes on, and jumped out the window. I was going to run as fast as I could to that school. After all, it's the only place I could think of that wasn't infested with robbers or rapists. I ran down the street and reached the park. There, I rested for a couple minutes. Then, got up and ran the direction of the school.


I reached the school, panting and sobbing. I looked like a drug addict or an insane person. But I didn't care, I just wanted to get out of that place. I ran over to the door and rushed into the principles office. I looked around and didn't see him. Where is he? Just when I was about to leave, he came in.

"Oh hello Hazel how ar-." He said, unable to finish his statement.

"Are you alright?" He said, coming closer to me.

"Yes. Wait no, actually Mr. Principle....I am not OK. I just got away from my abusive father who was beating me and my mom. I ran away from home because I didn't want him to kill me." I said all in one breath. Just from saying that, I started to cry.

"Oh goodness, I need to call your mother then and.." He said picking up the phone.

I stopped him, by grabbing his hand and pulling it away from the phone.

"Hazel what are you doing? I need to help you! I need to call your mother!" He said with a worried expression on his face.

"You can;t do that." I said.

"Why can't I? I want to help you Miss Griffon." He said, trying to grab the phone again. 

I gained as much courage as I could and said:

"She's dead." I said, starting to cry again.

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