Trouble Maker (Finished)

Zayn is a player. Hazel is a innocent girl. When Hazel falls in love with Zayn, she is afraid he will play her just like he did the others. Will he stand by her? Or will he betray her like he did before?


8. As I Lay Dying


I awoke in a hospital bed. I was confused and tired.

"She's awake." I heard someone from across the room say. I looked their direction and saw that it was a nurse. There were seven people sitting in chairs across the room. They must have been there for a while.

"Good! I'm glad they aren't dead..." Another nurse said. I looked to the left of me; Zayn was lying in the hospital bed beside me. He looked beat up. His eye was black, his leg was broken, and his wrist was red. He was still asleep, though.

"What happened while I was asleep?" I asked one of the nurses sitting in the chairs.

"Your father was arrested, first of all, and he was beat up, bad." The nurse informed me.

"Did my father do it to him?" I asked. How stupid of me. I already knew he did it.

"Yes.." She said nervously.

I just looked at her in shock.

"Ugh" I heard from beside me.

"Zayn!" I turned around to face him laying in his bed.

"Hmm." He replied.

He slowly sat up and looked around. "Where am i... Who am i?!" He asked.

"Zayn, if this is a joke it's not funny.." I tried holding back my tears.

"Who are you?!? Where am i?!??!" He shouted nervously. "Zayn.. I'm Hazel.." I cried.

I just can't take this.. Memory loss? He doesn't even remember who I am.Zayn slowly stood up and just stood there.

"Zayn?!?" I stood up and looked at him. 

"Zayn, lay down, it's going to damage your leg.." She commanded.

"No." He looked at her. 

"What's going on?!?" I cried.

"Why are you crying?" Zayn grabbed held my hands.

"Umm, Zayn.. Do you remember me?" I asked hoping he would remember. "No.." He said with a serious look on his face. 

I let go of his hands and ran out of the hospital, i sat down on the curb and cried for about an hour. 

"Hazel..." I heard from behind me. 

"Just go away. I don't want to talk right now." I said. I was emotional right now, I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone at the moment. I can't believe Zayn lost his memory.

"But I remember." Zayn said, grabbing my hand and sitting next to me.

"Really?! You remember me?" I said, wiping my eyes and looking at him.

"Yeah, kinda, I just remeber us kissing like five times." He said, laughing. I laughed along, at least he didn't forget that peice of information.

"Yeah, good thing you did." I said, looking into his eyes. He got off the curb and grabbed my hand. I got up and started to cross the street. When I looked at him, he kissed me. The kiss didn't last long, because when I looked at the street, a car was coming. I pushed Zayn out of the way and I felt the car hit me, as I slowly fell to the ground, the last thing I saw was Zayn fall with me, crying.

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