Walking These Streets Again

Kitty Fay is no coward. You want to break up with someone give her a call and she will get the job done, need a date for the dance ask Kitty to score you one, want someone to stick up for you count on Kitty to save the day. But when her friends dare her to kiss the next guy who walks into the bowling alley she hesitates as Harry Styles walks right through the door. The history they shared comes back and she's not sure if she can complete the dare. Is it worth keeping up her reputation or should she just escape confrontation now while she still can?


2. Running

With Harry hot on my trail i darted around buildings and trees trying to slow him down so i could get away safely. Sharply i turned the corner of the street and shoved my body into the dark gap between a wall and a dumpster taking me out of the sight of Harry. Heavy breathing came nearer and near til i heard feet slow to a stop. I held my breath not wanting to risk being found. Cautiously i peeked out to see Harry's frustrated face. He groaned and kicked the dumpster, making me jump. I wish i had the courage right now to reveal myself and explain, but i just couldn't. Soon enough Harry retreated back to the Bowling alley and i climbed out from my hiding spot. 

I watched the back of Harry's head disappear around the corner as i let out a sigh. Fresh tears intruded my eyes, i forced them back down, i never cry. Taking out my cellphone i texted Peyton letting her know i was okay and i just had to leave because of my curfew. She didn't ask me to explain myself and only replied with an "Okay, talk later?" I nodded my head as if she could see me right now before telling her sure. I stuffed my phone back into my pocket then examined where i had ran to. Luckily for me i was about a block away from my house. 

"Already finished bowling? It's only 8:30, are you ill?" My dad joked while i took off my shoes and tossed them to the corner of the living room. "Aunt Emmy Here yet?" My dad shook his head no and my face dropped. It's been almost 2 years since i've seen my aunt she's been in Africa, helping feed children and saving lives. She's an inspiration to me, that's why i help people the way i do. 

I waited up a couple more hours trying to stay awake so i can see when my aunt walks through through the door. When our grandfather clock stroke midnight i knew i wouldn't be able to stay up much longer. "I think i'm going to hit the hay, if she does come while i'm asleep tell her to come wake me." I informed my father then stumbled up the stairs to my bedroom. Slipping on my over sized t-shirt i climbed into bed. The mattress was warm and snuggly and soon i drifted off into sleep. 


Harry's P.O.V.~

A day ago i had gotten released from Juvi, and it was nice to be free again. I wanted to call up all my friends and have a party  but for some reason i decided against it. Instead i went to the bowling alley alone, wanting nothing more to relax and bowl. When i walked into the bowling alley i saw a group of girls to my left but not recognizing any of them i ignored their giggling and waited for the worker who would get me set up with a lane. 

The girls behind me started to talk louder saying, "C'mon chicken, Is Kitty Fay going to back out of a dare?" One of the girls teased. I couldn't help recognize the name. Kitty Fay? It couldn't be. I remember all the trouble we used to get in, then how i took all the blame for her because i knew she wouldn't do well in Juvi. I could never forget her face and the tears that were running down her cheeks when i boarded that bus that shipped me off for 5 years. It couldn't be the same Kitty can it?

Ready to find out for myself i spun around just in time to catch the falling girl. We both straightened up recognition clear on both our faces. "Kitty?" Her eyes glazed over. She didn't say one word, instead she leaned in pulling my face to hers connecting out lips. The kiss was short and soon she was out of my grasp and running out of the bowling alley. Not wanting to let her go again, i chased after her calling her name and hoping she'd stop and face me.  She never stopped. I watched as she turned the corner sharply. Soon i turned the same corner only to find she was no where to be seen. 

Damn it, why did she run? Why wasn't i fast enough to catch her? I had come to a stop searching around for her, but i had no luck. She disappeared. I groaned and kicked the dumpster next to me letting out all my frustration. Giving up i turned back towards the bowling alley and towards my car. 

I went home to my flat not wanting to bowl anymore. As soon as i walked into my flat i pulled off my jacket and my shoes. My flat was bare with only a couch in the living room. and a box of clothes in the corner that my mom had shipped over to me knowing i had just gotten released. The box also had some of my old yearbooks from primary school in them i pulled those out. I searched for her, Kitty Fay. Her picture was cute and childish with her only being 13 at the time. I looked through that yearbook finding it incredibly difficult to look at the past. 

Old memories resurfaced. I thought back to the day i first met kitty, and how shy and clumsy she was. 

~~"See you later mate, video games tonight my house." My friend will called to me while he walked down the hall. I had just torn off the last car photo i had in my locker ready to leave for summer break. That's when i saw her. A small girl with strawberry blonde hair pulling things from her locker and stuffing them into her bag. I watched as she tugged on a binder too hard and everything came crashing out to land on the floor. Chuckling i picked up the numerous papers and pencils that had come from the locker. I heard her curse silently then she bent down picking up the stuff that covered the ground. "Need some help?" I asked continuing to pick up more paper. 

She glanced up at me, I swear a little part of me fell in love right then and there. Even if she was one year younger than me she was the most beautiful girl i have seen. "Um... Yeah... Thanks." She mumbled while blushing. Once we had all the papers picked up she stuffed them in her bag and closed her locker. We stood awkwardly facing each other. "Thanks, again for helping." She smiled then turned around and started to walk down the hall towards the exit. I grabbed my bag and shut my locker before chasing after her. 

"Wait, i haven't introduced myself yet, I'm Harry." I said smiling my biggest smile at her confused face. "I'm Kitty." She said quietly. "Well, Kitty how about i walk you home or to the bus stop or to your car." I babbled not wanting to assume anything. I walked her home and during that walk we became friends." ~~

I shut the yearbook abruptly realizing how much I've missed her. Now that i was free my new goal was reconnecting with Kitty again. 


Kitty's P.O.V.~

A loud clatter had risen from downstairs forcing me to wake up. I groaned loudly wishing to go back to slip so i could finish my amazing dream, which involved this amazingly hot guy. Sleep would not come again and didn't help that my mum had just started to call up to me. "Kitty! Come Down here please!" I groaned once more before throwing the covers off me and standing up. Taking a glance i the mirror i saw the rat's nest i had for hair and i quickly pulled it up into a bun making it look a little more decent. 

As i made my way downstairs i stretched my arms while popping my back. I stepped off the last time and walked into the kitchen where i assumed my mom would be. "Oh good you're up, will you be a doll and take these flowers to the bakery. Mrs. Crane has been waiting for my fire-lilies to bloom for ages, and i thought i'd give her a free batch of them." I smiled at my mom's enthusiasm before nodding. "Let me change first." Again i bounded up the stairs to my room. 

I pulled on some skinny jeans and my grey long sleeve shirt that had black anchors covering it. I brushed through my wild hair leaving it silky smooth, then i shoved my converse on. As for my make-up i swiped mascara on my eyelashes and dabbed on a little concealer. Satisfied with my appearance i grabbed my phone off the charge and placed it in my back pocket. I was about to leave my room altogether before i realized i was missing something. I scrimmaged through my bedside table until i finally found what i was looking for. The silver bird necklace that i hardly left the house without. I put it on quickly then made my way downstairs. 

Grabbing the flowers i grabbed my sunglasses from the banister then i opened the front door. "I'll be back in a little bit." I called to my mum. We lived right down the street from the bakery so it didn't take me but 5 minutes to make the short walk.  The Bakery was almost deserted except for the couple snacking on cookies at the table near the window. "Kitty, it's lovely to see this morning, and oh are those your mother's fire-lilies? The look beautiful." Mrs. Crane said sweetly while taking the flowers from my hands. "How much do i owe you?" I brushed her off. "They are free a gift from my mum." I smiled politely refusing her money. 

"Well, i feel bad not giving something back, so here take a cookie. It's a new recipe i'm trying out." I took a cookie from the platter she held out and took a bite. They were delicious. "Yum, these are really good." Mrs. Crane blushed and sat the platter on the counter. Just then the door dinged signaling a new customer.  I stepped aside and munched on my cookie while the man walked up to the counter. "Harry, what a surprise to see you here. It's been what 5 years? How have you been?" My eyes widen as i recognized the curls. 

I covered my face with my hair hoping he wouldn't notice me. "Well i just got released from Juvi so i thought i'd come down and get one of your famous cookies, that i have missed." Harry's raspy voice calmly responded to Mrs. Crane. Knowing i had to get out of here i turned to leave but soon was stopped by the cart of baked goods. Not being able to keep my balance feel into the cart making both me and it fall to the ground. Bread, cookies, and cupcakes scattered out across the floor. My face burned, only i could make an easy escape into a difficult one. 

I felt a hand slip around my arm pulling me up, then i met those two green eyes.



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