Walking These Streets Again

Kitty Fay is no coward. You want to break up with someone give her a call and she will get the job done, need a date for the dance ask Kitty to score you one, want someone to stick up for you count on Kitty to save the day. But when her friends dare her to kiss the next guy who walks into the bowling alley she hesitates as Harry Styles walks right through the door. The history they shared comes back and she's not sure if she can complete the dare. Is it worth keeping up her reputation or should she just escape confrontation now while she still can?


1. Bowling for Truth or Dare

"What size of shoes?" The shoe clerk at the bowling alley asked me while dug my hand into my purse to pull out my socks. "7 and a half please." She pulled out the shoes and slid them across the counter. I grabbed them and walked to the lane my friends were at. "Glad to see you've shown up, i thought maybe you got called of to match two nerds together." Phoebe joked. She always thought what i did for people was lame and that they should build up the courage to do it themselves. The only way to get her to shut up about it is to remind her of how she got together with her boyfriend of 2 years. Let's just say i'm a miracle worker. 

We set up the game and picked out our bowling balls. As always i chose my pink ball of magic that i used every time we went bowling which was every Friday night. Yeah, there's not much to do in this town. "Alright, Peyton you're up first." I encouraged anxious to get this game over with because my aunt was coming into town tonight. 

The orange ball that Peyton had chosen rolled down the middle of the lane before it curved resulting in it falling into the gutter. We all laughed at her pouty face, she has never been good at bowling. "Shut up, you all know i hate bowling." She huffed then finished her turn. Next up was me. I carefully held my pink bowling ball eye level measuring the exact place i wanted it to go. With a flick of my wrist the ball zoomed down the lane and knocked down all the pins creating a loud clatter. I fist pumped the air with a huge smile upon my face. 

"How in the hell does she do that?" I heard Peyton ask behind me. Tessa stood up and patted my back. "Excellent Job Kitty, now how about we do bowling Truth or Dare?" She is the clever one alright, always the one making everything 10x more exciting. "Definitely what are the rules?" Tessa smirked and pulled the girls into a huddle that included me, Phoebe, Peyton, and herself. 

"Okay, pay close attention. Every time Someone gets a strike the person that bowled before them has to do a dare, but if someone doesn't then the person only has to do a truth and also spares are contestant's choice. Clear on the rules?" We all nodded and i couldn't help feel a little excited to see how it would play out. Since Tessa was up next to bowl we all sat back and watched our well actually my fate be told. She carefully aligned herself and with the flick of her wrist the ball was sent down the lane. 

It was like everything was in slow-mo, all four of us were watching as the ball knocked down all but one pin which was wobbling left and right from the impact. I held my breath knowing that if i got a dare it be some outrageous thing, but then again i'm Kitty Fay, the girl who's afraid of nothing. If that's true then why is my stomach doing flips. It's as if i knew something bad was about to happen. Seeming like the pin was never going to fall, i looked down to retie my shoelace. Even though i didn't see the pin fall i heard it hit the floor as if it was telling me i was done for. 

I glanced up at the girls they all wore smirks ready to make me do something insane. I watched as they whispered into each other's ears deciding the best dare for me. Tessa was the first to speak, "We dare you to kiss the next person that walks through that door." She pointed over to the entrance to the bowling alley. All my fear that i recently had flushed out of me with relief. That's not so bad, i mean they're having a pretty slow night tonight so maybe no one will show up. 

Just to defy my beliefs the old rusty bowling alley door creaked open signaling that someone had walked into the bowling alley. Slowly i turned around to investigate who was my target. All i needed to see was the brown curly hair to know that it was the one person i would never guess to be here.

Memories came back of me and Harry and all those times we snuck out together, stole things from the mall, spray painted buildings, and breaking into houses. It was great until we got caught. I let him take all the blame, he insisted, but i'll never forget his face when he boarded the bus to Juvi. He's been gone for 5 years. I never expected to see him here. He looks so different, he's taller, and handsomer, puberty did him well. 

"Well, Kitty what are you waiting for, go and finish the dare." Tessa Encouraged. My throat tightened, "But..." I tried to plead put they continued to push me closer to Harry who was thankfully looking the opposite way. Of course they wouldn't understand why i was so hesitant because they've never met Harry, and i've never told them about my past. "C'mon chicken. Is Kitty Fay going to back out of a dare?" Phoebe teased nudging my side. 

I honestly considered making a run for it, but it was too late now with one final push i tripped on my feet therefore falling into Harry. Quickly he turned around and caught me. "Kitty?" Shit, Shit, Shit, those eyes full of remembrance. I had to get this over with and get out of here. He was about to speak again when i kissed his lips quickly then i released myself from him and ran out of the bowling alley. "Kitty!" Harry's raspy kept calling me from behind me but i kept running. 

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