Live, Love, Shaz

Flip through the chapters as you read the story of Sharon, a middle-aged woman, who lives in Sydney, and is single. Follow her journey on her quest to find a man to be 'the one'. Her adventures differ and she's the coolest out of her group of friends.


1. The Great Awakening

Hello, I’m Sharon, or Shaz, that's what my friends call me. I’m 36, live in Sydney, single and in my case a beauty queen. I think I’m so beautiful, I kind of look in my forties - even though I’m 36, I have a few wrinkles, maybe a little more than I should have, I have blonde hair, but I’m slowly going grey - by slowly I mean, my whole re-growth is grey. I know I’m beautiful, so get over it. I’m a fashion diva, I love to find bargains at Ross, Rivers, Kmart and Millers. Some people say I dress older than my age, if wearing clothes that a 50-year-old would wear, and not looking like a corner worker makes me look older, I don’t care, I know I’m beautiful and my friends tell me that all the time. I’m a party girl on the weekends and a hard worker during the week. Finding a man is very difficult in my life, like every man I know is beneath me, because I know that, it’s hard to keep a relationship, I’m practically perfect. My sister’s married and has three kids, even though she’s happy, I can tell she’s jealous, she can’t live the ‘Party Girl’ lifestyle like I can. My love life is crazy, that’s why I’ve decided to write this story about myself to prove that I’m perfect, fun and a great person.
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