Live, Love, Shaz

Flip through the chapters as you read the story of Sharon, a middle-aged woman, who lives in Sydney, and is single. Follow her journey on her quest to find a man to be 'the one'. Her adventures differ and she's the coolest out of her group of friends.


3. Ready To Shine

I walked into my apartment and I was greeted by my horrible roommate, Sally. She’s the typical girl that guys like, you know, blonde hair, blue-eyes, good body and a natural looking tan. I see past that, she gives you a warm smile, and is nice to you all the time; but she’s an ugly human being. I don’t know why guys are into that when they can have the hot figure that I have. (Look down below) But as I’ll say it, yet again; guys are beneath me. I found her holding Mysty - my pet chihuahua (it’s pronounced misty, but I wanted to give the dogs name a bit of edge). I snatched the dog out of her hands and stormed away into my room.

It was 5 o’clock and I needed to get ready for my night out. We planned to eat dinner at 6:30, then hit the clubs at 8, then be home by 12. I know, I don’t do it very often, but I know I can hang with the young people. They all go home at 12. I’m not sure what to do as Brittany will pick me up in an hour. I decided to have a 2 minute shower, to save water and limit my power bill, put on my purple and pink pok-a-dot cocktail dress, have a glass of coke for preparation, and finally do my make-up and put on some wrinkle cream. I have a lot of wrinkles and they won’t go away, I only put on a little bit of cream - to conserve it and save money.

Just as I was ready, Brittany was at my door, she wore a pastel grey and pink stripped, cocktail dress with frills on the shoulders and at the bottom of the dress. I was jealous because it was a fantastic dress, but it didn’t suit her as well as it would me. We both got talking and headed down to her car and off to my favorite restaurant, the Hard Rock. At the Hard Rock, my friends James, Franny, Jose and some other guy, I’ve never seen before, Nick; were sitting down and waiting for us.

We walked over to the table and sat down, this was going to be a good night. Nick was an average looking guy, he was single and in his forties, he’s also a cop. I wasn’t going to put on the moves over dinner; I would wait and see. Guys have to come up to me, that’s my only rule. Compared to Franny and Brittany, I was the hottest in the group; guys generally go for Brittany because she’s 24, and kind of looks like Sally. I think it’s preposterous, I’m the top dog. They don’t go for Franny because she’s married to Jose, she dresses in Prada and all other designer labels and not in the high quality stuff you find at Rivers, like I do. Dinner was great, I complained about how bad my job was, and they comforted me and encouraged me to quit; it was good. Nick encouraged me to join the Police Force, I told him I’d think about it; physical labor’s not my specialty.

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