Live, Love, Shaz

Flip through the chapters as you read the story of Sharon, a middle-aged woman, who lives in Sydney, and is single. Follow her journey on her quest to find a man to be 'the one'. Her adventures differ and she's the coolest out of her group of friends.


2. Onward, To The New Shaz

I guess the best place to begin my crazy story is when I walked out of my job on one Friday afternoon. I’d had dated this dropkick for eight-years when we broke up. I broke up with him, because he was beneath me. As I said in the earlier posts, most guys are beneath me, but he was so beneath me; I couldn’t stand to be with him anymore. I was finally single and ready to mingle and I couldn’t wait to go out with my girls that night.

I was walking out of the shiny building towards the stairs that lead to Town Hall Station. I love walking down there, besides the large crowds of people, it’s a pretty cool place, there’s like eight platforms for the trains and it’s underground. I feel like I’m in a New York subway, except I’m in Sydney - Duh! I feel relief every time I’m there on a Friday, I can finally enjoy the Weekend until Sunday. So I was waiting for the train and I got a Facebook message from my girl Brittany, I’m pretty popular on Facebook, I’ve got 100 friends. The message said “We’re going clubbing tonight.” I replied “Defs, can’t wait.”

My train pulled up, just after I replied. I felt the short gust of wind against my face as train made a slow stop. The doors opened and a small amount of people walked out of the carriage. I hopped into the carriage I walked up the stairs to the top half of the carriage and found two empty seats, beside each other. I love finding those empty seats, you can spread your stuff out and have lots of room. Just as I sat down I heard the announcement “Keep clear, doors closing.” and the swoosh of the electronic doors closing. The train slowly rocked backwards then pushed itself forward. The trains in Sydney are different, some are old and graffiti-ridden, where others are new and clean. I was on a new one. I always catch the new trains, even if it means getting up extra early to go to work. When the train finally stopped at Strathfield - My station, I walked off and walked towards my car. My car shined in the left-over sunlight of the afternoon, with a silvery glitter. I got in and drove 5 minutes down the street. My apartment is only a five minute drive, ten minute walk from the station, I should walk but, then again, I don’t need to. The gate opened and I drove my car in my designated spot. I recently got a garage door put in because I got sick of other people parking in my spot. When I finished parking, I got out of my car and walked up to my apartment.
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