one extraordinary girl

Sometimes, when something strange happens, we just forget and move on, but if you have Caytlin's past, nothing out of the ordinary happens without an explanation. now she doesn't know who she can trust, or if she can even trust herself.


2. Waking up

-Caytlin's POV-

"please wake up, so all of us can learn your name" my eyes opened to see five incredably cute boys staring at me with concerned looks. "wh-where am I? Who are you? Whats going on? How did i ge-" "slow down, beautiful, just tell us your name" the one with the curly hair said. "Caytlin, Caytlin Taylor" I instantly remembered what had happened just three hours before. "They're coming for me....are you them?? I have no one l-left! how could this happen to me? WHAT DID YOU DO WITH  MOM?" I shouted, tears spilling from my eyes, instantly there faces went from concern to wide eyed worry. The one with the brown eyes said " please just stay calm, I'm Liam, thats Harry,Niall,Louis,Zayn. Now Caytlin, you can trust us i promise just please calm down babe." "Okay." i said my voice quivering "what happened to you? i mean why are you so paranoied?" asked Louis "Just listen to this voicemail..." ( after the voicemail played) dont cry dont cry dont cry i thought to myself."im so sorry" they all gave me a group hug and promised they would protect me from that guy. I asked Liam if he could drive me back to my apartment, i was really crushing on him. sure he said.


-Liam's POV-

What happened to caytlin was the saddest story ive ever heard. She asked if i could take her to her apartment and i said sure. on the way there we got ice cream. I asked her what her favorite flavor is and she said strawberry she laughed and was embarrassed she said "not many people like that flavor but yeah... haha..."i could tell she felt awkward but when i told her that ill have strawberry too the most beautiful shining bright smile i have ever seen popped up on her face. she is sooo beautiful, i want to spend the rest of my life with her even if i just met her i feel like i've known her my whole life. as we  got to her apartment i couldnt believe my eyes as i saw the flames and the note taped to the mail box. as i slowly turned my head to caytlin, she froze and wouldnt moveing. i ran out of the car, got the note, and before i could react, Caytlin darted into the building which now was engulfed in flames. If you love her go after her my mind said to me. so i ran into the building and had the fire department on the phone. as i was searching around the small apartment youd think that i would be able to search easily but because of all the smoke i couldnt see anything at all. I screamed caytlins name and then i heard a very faint, hurt, beautiful voice say "Liam...Please...Help...Me..." i frantically ran through the apartment searching and finally  I found her in her room with her phone and charger, inhaler, a duffel bag she packed, and a cat stuffed animal. Man she can pack fast! I picked her up and i ran outside

we got in the car and drove home. once we got there all the boys were waiting outside for me and once they saw me and caytlin in the car covered in dust and smoke and burnt clothes they knew something was wrong. i got out of the car and told them what happened. we rushed unconcious caytlin inside and i layed her down on my bed, it was 11:45 p.m . i started walking to the couch and grabbed some pillows and just before i walked through the door i heard caytlin wake up coughing. harry and louis rushed in(niall was eating and zayn was asleep) and i waved them away, they both gave me the "oh, so you like her" look. i rushed over to caytlin as she woke up and she looked up at me with those vibrant green eyes of hers that i remember, oh those eyes. she smiled at me and said " Liam, Honey, you can sleep here tonight with me. Theres surely enough room" in a hoarse voice. "okay, im Going to go get you a glass of water, love." i said with a smile "oh okay, thanks liam" she responded with a blushing smile. I walked out to Lou and Harry and gave them a smile and two thumbs up they just laughed. Tomorrow is the day i will ask her out. i thought to myself as i was filling up her glass of water.

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