one extraordinary girl

Sometimes, when something strange happens, we just forget and move on, but if you have Caytlin's past, nothing out of the ordinary happens without an explanation. now she doesn't know who she can trust, or if she can even trust herself.


1. voicemails

"Bye Jim!" I called to my boss as i walked out the door to "Oh so Smoothie", where I work. As i was walking home i heard my phone going off, i took it out of my pocket and read that i had 16 new voicemails from my mom. As i listened to them, most were just screaming and crying and saying to come home, which was weird because i'm 19 and home is 4 hours away, but the last one was a strange mans voice which said " Your mother is dead, I have people coming for you too. Give us the file and no one gets hurt, just don't be stupid like your mother and refuse. Just remember, we know where you are and we will find you." I was bawling my eyes out on the side of the road when a got a call from the hospital i was born at saying my mother has passed on. I have no one left, no one to take care of me anymore, no family, no nothing. A car soon screeched to a stop on the road next to me, my vision was fading, i heard the car doors slam shut and heard someone say "There is someone on the ground over there! She's really pretty, but why is she saying 'no one left'?" "Niall shut up and call the rest of the guys to tell them-" then i blacked out. the last thing i saw was a pair of dreamy light brown eyes gazing into mine.


-Liam's POV-

Since Nialler got his license he said he'd take me for a drive tonight. We drove up and down streets and saw this person laying on the side of the road. Niall slammed on the breaks and we got out of the car. as i got closer to this girl i saw how truly beautiful she was. She had fair skin with cute freckles on her face, wavy auburn hair that went down to the bottom of her ribcage. and her eyes were a vibrant green, the most beautiful eyes i had ever seen. just as they fluttered shut i put her in the car and got her ID from her purse. Her name was Caytlin Taylor. I told Niall to call the boys because we are going to have a guest tonight. Niall thought she was in a coma, I wonder if i'll ever get to see those green eyes again.

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