one extraordinary girl

Sometimes, when something strange happens, we just forget and move on, but if you have Caytlin's past, nothing out of the ordinary happens without an explanation. now she doesn't know who she can trust, or if she can even trust herself.


3. Hiding Caytlin

-Caytlin's POV-

When Liam came back with my water he got me. i got up and took it from him and drank it faster than you could say butterscotch. "someone was thirsty" "maybe just a little bit" we laughed. were hiding you here caytlin from those bad bad people he said and i agreed.i should change into my pjs i thought so i took my bag and told liam i was going to change , he also had to so to make it easier we both faced the corners of the room. i put on my hello kitty shorts with a hot pink tank top put my auburn hair into a messy bun and sat on the bed criss cross with Caytie Cat, the stuffed animal my daddy got me before he left when he went to war. my eyes filled with tears whenever i thought about it... before he died. Liam was sitting on the bed stairing at me with confused eyes. "why are you crying gorgeous?" he asked in a worried tone. "just memories." "memories of what? You can tell me anything Caytlin" "call me Cayt, and if i tell you ill just break down again" "okay Cayt, if you tell me i promise i can make you feel better afterwords" "oh.. okay i guess, when i was 4 my dad joined the army and he had to leave. He was always gone and one day while i was 9 we got a call that my dad died. the one time my dad came home for a week just before he died he brought me this stuffed cat. he said it helped him through every night, kept him safe and reminded him of me, he said ill always be his Caytie Cat. his first week without it he died so now i take Caytie cat everywhere. i spilled out in a rush. i stood up, ran to the corner of the room  faced the wall put my elbows on my knees and my face in my hands and cried, i cried for all the hurt people, emotionally, mentally, or physically. i cried for the people who didnt have everything who are missing something. before i knew it Liam picked me up and cradled me like a baby, carried me back to bed and sat me down. he said "it breaks my heart to see someone so beautiful cry like that" he opened his arms and i crawled over to him and hugged him. he asked me if i wanted to go to bed. i said yes and tuurned off the lights. goodnight he told me and hugged me again. i looked up and he as right there we both closed our eyes and leaned in and as our lips touched i felt electricity surging through me. we both smiled at eachother and said goodnight as i cuddled up to him. i thought to myself this is the guy for me

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