This is wonderland.... over one hundred years after Alice's visit, things are starting to fall apart in the mystical world that has been abandoned. But, when all seems lost, will one boy be able to flip the tables to save the world that we all love? Inspired by Lewis Carols "Alice in Wonderland" hence forth, it is a fan-fic. This takes place in our century, so theres not going to be any olden-day nonsense or anything :)


3. Wasteland

I survey the scene in front of me. The World ahead is grey, and dull. All the plants were dead, and there wasn't any sign of animal inhabitation. But wherever I touched seemed to be perfect. I saw a mouse on the ground, wearing a tiny tail-coat, and picked it up carefully, so I wouldn't break any of it's bones. It's eyes fluttered open as I held it in my hand.

"Hey, what happened here?" I ask, and the little mouse shakes it's head.

"How did a guy get into wonderland?" It shreiks then faints. Well, you weren't any help. I tuck the little mouse into my jacket pocket and continue walking. After a while I stick my hands into my pockets, and start to pat the little mouse. He was incredibly soft. I look behind me, and gasp. Where I've walked, it looks like theres a perfect trail of repair behind me.

"Woah..."I gasp, and the little mouse inside my pocket bites me.  "HEY!" I shout, and it scurries up my arm. It looks behind me and gasps.

"So you're the human who is going to save us?" It whispers, and looks at me curiously.

"I guess?" I reply, and the little mouse smiles. I look around, and spot a few other animals move towards me.

"Definitely. I better take you to the hatter. he'll be pleased to meet you." The little mouse said to me. As he said the word hatter, I knew where I was.

"Alice In Wonderland!" I shouted, and the little mouse beamed.

"So you know who Alice is? Amazing! You should already know who the hatter is too then!" He chittered, and I smiled. I knew where I was, know all I needed was to find a way out.

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