This is wonderland.... over one hundred years after Alice's visit, things are starting to fall apart in the mystical world that has been abandoned. But, when all seems lost, will one boy be able to flip the tables to save the world that we all love? Inspired by Lewis Carols "Alice in Wonderland" hence forth, it is a fan-fic. This takes place in our century, so theres not going to be any olden-day nonsense or anything :)


2. Choices

No. No. NO. She.. She can't have cancer! She can't... just die... Tears threaten to fall as I stand up, my legs wobbling.

"I'm sorry, I have to go!" I mutter as the tears start falling heavily. I hear my own footsteps, landing heavily on the grass below me, and let out the strangled breath I was holding in. I don't know where I'm running to.. I just want to get away from here... A thud resounds around me as I trip, and my ankle hits a huge tree root. I bite back a pained scream as I hear the clear crack of my ankle breaking. But strangely, I don't hit the ground, I keep falling. Twisting my head around, I let out the scream that I was biting back. I was falling down a hole! Where have I seen this before.After a while, I start to see random objects appear. I see a car, easel, guitar. And then I land with a soft plunk on a bed.

'Oh. OH NO!" I yell as I suddenly get rocketed up again by the bed, flinging me off. If Charlotte was here she would be laughing. I hear a loud thud, as I hit a tiled floor. I flick back my hair, and see a room. a single table rests in the middle of the room. A large door resides at the opposite end of the room, and I

I walk over to the table, and see a bottle, a cake and a key. I go to grab the key but it turns to dust in my hands. I start to panic, the hole is gone, and the doors are lock...ed. Wait, if the key turned to dust, why wouldn't the door? I started bashing on  the door, and cracks started to show in the wood. Kicking it, I managed to break the door down and my mouth dropped open at what I saw, beond the broken wooden door.




So, Authors note! I just wanna say, this is going to be a bit more of a apocalyptic style wonderland. It's not going to be amazing and pretty with ponies and rainbows (as awesome as they are), it's going to be a dark, horror filled wonderland, where everything is twisted. Okay, so don't curse at me in the comments for making this different. It's supposed to diverge from the actual series, otherwise that would be PLAGIARISM. 

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