She's Mine.

Alison Todd lives with her 2 brothers, Mason, and Cameron and her mom and dad. She finally turns 18 and moves out. One day in ondon she happens to 'run' into 5 boys. She becomes really good friends with these 5 boys, and soon enough they all fall for her. But she needs to choose. And any boy is a good desion.


1. London

I was walking around London with my shopping bags around my arms just wandering. i finally got my own flat. I turn around and see Big Ben the clock tower. I love that sight. "WATCH OUT!" An irish voice yells. These 5 boys ram into me their bikes flipping off them and landing on the pavement. "oh my god, we are so sorry. are you okay love?" The Boy with the quiff asks. "i'm quite ok, on the contrary are YOU guys ok?" I ask. "We're fine." The quiff boy replies quickly. "What's your name love?" The  curly haired boy asked. "Alison. And yours?' "I'm Harry, this is Zayn," pointing at the quiff boy. "thats Niall," harry says pionting at the blond, irish boy. "and those two are Liam and Louis." harry finishes. "hi!" i chirp. My stuff is all over the ground. Crap. "we'll help you with that." Louis says. " thanks." i say. They carry my stuff to my car and stuff it in the backseat. "hey, um can we have your number?" Liam shyly asks. Zayn nudged him with his elbow. I giggle. "sure." we all trade numbers. "Well call me." i say getting in my car and driving home.

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