The Old Grey Mansion

Samantha and Lee are two adventurous best friends, but their natural instincts can sometimes get the better of them and lead them into danger.


1. How it all began

"Sam! hurry up! We might miss him!"

"Are you sure we should be spying on him? I think he's dangerous,"

"Don't be such a baby!"

Sam and Lee sprint down the street and hind behind a bush in front of the most magnificent old mansion.

"Why are we even here? It's boring! He hasn't come out of that creepy house in years!"

"We are here because it's my turn to choose what we are doing today and it's not boring! There is  something weird about this place, it hasn't been put up for sale, there is a pretty well looked after garden and a really luring smell of chocolate coming from the kitchen. Not only that but I can just feel something weird is going on in there, I just know it, thats why we are going inside!"

"You have got to be joking!"

Lee grabs Sam's hand and pulls her through the front gate.

Does this look like joking?" 

"Come on Lee lets do something else! We do more exciting things then this and before you say it this is not exciting this is stupid and scary!"

"Shut up!"

Lee walks up to the front door with confidence and knocks. 

"No answer! See it's safe! Now lets go inside!"

"Fine but only if I can chose what we do everyday for a week,"

Lee nods her head and turns the old handle, they both push the old door and collapse onto the ground. They both immediately get up and take a look around. They crept down the hall way then suddenly...



Sam ran up to the front door.

"It's locked!" 

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