The Old Grey Mansion

Samantha and Lee are two adventurous best friends, but their natural instincts can sometimes get the better of them and lead them into danger.


2. Don't panic

"LEE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!! We are trapped in here!" 

"Honestly Sam, calm down, it was probably the wind, lets go upstairs maybe there is a way out"

"I'm staying here," 

"suit yourself,"

As Lee walks up the stairs the creeks in the floor boards get louder and louder...



"I almost fell through the floor board, but I'm fine,"

Lee decides to sprint up the stairs just in case and upstairs there are lots of rooms, but only one with a keyhole and thats what Lee notices, she creeps up to the door and peeks through the keyhole.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Screamed Lee 

A blood red eye stared back. She fell to the ground in shock, twitching and turning, she could hear someone running up the stairs, it was Sam.

"WHAT HAPPENED? Oh look a keyhole,"

"DON'T! Don't look in there.

Sam looks at Lee weirdly opens the door and steps inside.

"See Lee, it's fine!"






Sam knows there is only one way in so she starts to look for a light. She searched along the wall until straight ahead of her is a tall dark figure with something long, silver and shiny in its hand.

"Hello? Can you please get me out? I'm trapped,"

The tall figure walks closer to Sam and holds up the shiny thing and just at the last minute...

"Is that a blade?"

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