You're mine, forever

Elizabeth didn't really love the way her life turned out when her father passed away from cancer. Her mother wasn't very happy of the death after. Elizabeth had grown up, and become the woman she wanted to be, but her mother always hated.
Elizabeth was done with boys after her break up with her boyfriend Joey. He wasn't the best person to be with. He would always forget things, even her birthday.
But what will happen when she meets the new guy next door? Will she be single all her life, or will she be his... forever


1. The Move


*Elizabeth’s POV*


I hit record on my laptop. I started doing this where I would record myself every week of me just talking. I would talk about anything about my week, maybe something I heard over the news, or just a new article or product I found out about.


It helps me. A few years ago my dad died. He was my best friend. I never met or had anyone like him in my life. He died of cancer. He made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal. He always wanted people to be happy. I’m just like him.


My mother and I have never really had a close relationship. We did tell each other stories and all, but I couldn’t tell her everything, just the things she wanted to hear. After my dad died, she wasn’t really affected by it. She started treating me bad. She would make it seem like the entire world’s problems were my fault.


Anyways, who minds about her? When I was 16, I moved out. It seems like a very young age, but I had to escape. That night, my mother was going on how she didn’t want me, how I wasn’t planned, and all. I honestly was strong enough not to care. Before bed, I told her goodbye. She didn’t deserve me anymore. It would have been best if I leaved her. With that, I left.


I got plenty of jobs after that. I live a new apartment. I just moved in a few days ago. I haven’t met all of my neighbors. I haven’t met the one next door. I’ve heard he doesn’t come out much. He was a very ‘keeping-to-self’ person. To me, he’s considered a new neighbor, the ‘new guy next door’.


Enough with all these little stories. Time to hit record.  


‘Okay, so today has been interesting. I’ve made ‘friends’. The neighbors aren’t exactly what I thought. They are all sweet though. This is going to be short and sweet. The next-door neighbor, right beside me, hasn’t even come out yet. I’ll do investigating. Hopefully it’ll turn out well! Wish me luck!’


I pressed stop. I saved it onto my laptop. Hopefully this will be fine. Then, I hear LOUD music from next door. Maybe I can interact this this ‘human’. I get up and walk out the door. It’s 2:47am and I’m going to pretend I was sleeping. I banged on the door a couple of times and the door opened. My eyes were wide open. Oh. My. Gosh.


End of Chapter 1! Comment and tell me if you want more! Hope you enjoyed!:Dx

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