You're mine, forever

Elizabeth didn't really love the way her life turned out when her father passed away from cancer. Her mother wasn't very happy of the death after. Elizabeth had grown up, and become the woman she wanted to be, but her mother always hated.
Elizabeth was done with boys after her break up with her boyfriend Joey. He wasn't the best person to be with. He would always forget things, even her birthday.
But what will happen when she meets the new guy next door? Will she be single all her life, or will she be his... forever


4. The Library and Meet Ups

*Elizabeth’s POV*


I stood there just looking into his eyes. They were nothing but dark. I was scared if someone from the building would find us, but I was more scared of him… way scared. Before anything else was said, I took a huge gulp.


“YOU HOW MUCH DANGER IS AROUND HERE?” he screamed in my face. I closed my eyes when he was yelling. I’ve never heard yelling this loud since my parents would fight.


“DO YOU WANT TO GET HURT?” he yelled again. I always had anxiety attacks when my parents fought. I put my hands on my ears and closed my eyes even tighter. I know it sounds childish, but it helped me a bit.


I could feel Zayn close to me, but he suddenly moved away. I was started to breath heavily. I hated yelling and people fighting, always made me like this.


I noticed his face got more relaxed and his eyes weren’t filled with anger, but with worry. I removed my hands from my ears and ran upstairs. I unlocked my door, Zayn hot on my trails, and I closed my door, locking it. I went to the tap and poured myself a glass of water.  I drank it quickly.



“OPEN THE DOOR,” I heard Zayn yell. I couldn’t let him see me in this fragile state. I went into my bedroom and got my headphones. I quickly put them on and put on ‘Trouble – Olly Murs ft. Florida’. I went into a little corner, and closed my eyes, my only sanctuary.


After the first few lines, I felt calm enough to take my headphones off. I open my eyes and I see Zayn at the doorframe. I shook a little, it was surprising.


“What happened back there?” he asked while sitting on the bed. “Nothing… it’s embarrassing,” I said playing with the wires of the headphones. I can’t tell him! Nope, no way Elizabeth, no way. “I wont tell anyone,” he said reassuringly.


“Let’s head down to the library,” I say trying to stall. He sighs and get’s up. I grab my headphones.  I grabbed my bag and headed out the door, Zayn hot my heels. I locked the door.


“Would you like to walk or would you like a drive?” Zayn asked. “Your sweet, but I’d rather walk,” I said with a smile. No way after knowing him for one day I’m letting him drive me somewhere.




We were walking for about 15 minutes right now. There was a silence. It wasn’t awkward and it wasn’t a comfortable silence. I saw a mob of 4 boys heading in out direction.


One boy had brown hair, but styled well. He was wearing red pants with stripes. Let’s call him Boy 1. Boy 2 had blond hair and wore khakis, a red polo, and a simple cardigan. Boy 3 had a mop of brown curls, and was wearing a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans with a green beanie. Boy 4 had a blue plaid shirt with khakis.


“Stand behind me and don’t say a thing,” Zayn said while taking my hand. “Why are you holding my hand?” I asked. “Play along,” he said.  I nodded. Wait- why did agree with this?


“Hey,” Zayn said to one of the boys. I held Zayn’s hand even tighter.  “Hello mate,” Boy 1 said. “Who’s she?” Boy 4 had asked Zayn.  Boy 3 was biting his lip and checking me out. I looked at Zayn, who appeared to be mad at my angle.


“My girlfriend”


END OF CHAPTER 4! Sorry it took so long for me to type this! I don’t know why it takes me so long to update! Anyways, I’ll be finishing both fan fictions by summer! It's thunderstorming in Toronto right now! Did I mention I’m a chicken and I’m afraid of them?! Hope you enjoyed! Chapter 5 soon! Xx 

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