You're mine, forever

Elizabeth didn't really love the way her life turned out when her father passed away from cancer. Her mother wasn't very happy of the death after. Elizabeth had grown up, and become the woman she wanted to be, but her mother always hated.
Elizabeth was done with boys after her break up with her boyfriend Joey. He wasn't the best person to be with. He would always forget things, even her birthday.
But what will happen when she meets the new guy next door? Will she be single all her life, or will she be his... forever


7. Starbucks Stealer

*Elizabeth’s POV*


CAN I CATCH A BREAK?  I sigh and turn around. I really don’t want to deal with Zayn right now. But the scene in front of me right now is… dayum. If you have Zayn in front of you, shirtless with black skinny jeans on, your hormones would go wild.


“Done staring?” Zayn asked. Asshole.


“Oh shut up, please,” I replied with a cold tone.


“No need to be so harsh babe,” He said with a smirk.


I turned around and walked towards the elevator. I heard my name being called, but I really didn’t care. I want Starbucks and go to bed. No library today, I guess.


When I got into the elevator, I clicked ‘L’ and put my headphones into my earphones. I searched through my phone and finally picked on Angel with a Shotgun by The Cab. One of my favorite songs, ever.


I make my way towards and start humming.


I’m an angel with a shotgun

Fight until the wars won

I don’t care if heaven will take me back


And with that, I got into Starbucks. It smells like heaven in here. I waited for 20 minutes to have my turn… addicts. I ordered a basic Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher and made my way back home.


As I got into the apartment building, I saw Zayn running towards me.


“Where were you? I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Zayn said panting. I just took a sip and walked towards the open elevator. I don’t need to be questioned and my fabulousness. Gosh.


To my luck, Zayn reached the elevator in time. I’m not mad at him, it’s just I don’t need protecting. He grabbed my drink and took long, loud gulps. Well, there goes my drink.


“Why are you so mad?” Zayn asked.


“I’m just tired and I need rest. I’m going to go back to my place and just sleep,” I said with a yawn.




After the elevator, Zayn said he’d walk me back. It’s funny because we live right beside each other. I had changed into my pajamas and put my hair into a braid. Zayn was making himself tea because ‘My casa is your casa’.


I felt my eyes close very slowly. I soon felt the bed dip and a strong-arm wrap around my waist. I was too tired to care, to be honest.  I felt a kiss on the back of my head and I soon fell asleep.


End of dis chapter. THANKS FOR THE LONG WAIT! I KNOW I’M AN ASSHOLE, BUT THANK YOU BECAUSE SCHOOL AND MOVING IS VERY STRESSFUL. Anyways, please give me feedback because I’ve really run out of ideas and I need new ones or anything that you’d maybe like to see? Sorry this chapter had a really cliché ending, but I had to;)





OH, And sorry of shortness

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