You're mine, forever

Elizabeth didn't really love the way her life turned out when her father passed away from cancer. Her mother wasn't very happy of the death after. Elizabeth had grown up, and become the woman she wanted to be, but her mother always hated.
Elizabeth was done with boys after her break up with her boyfriend Joey. He wasn't the best person to be with. He would always forget things, even her birthday.
But what will happen when she meets the new guy next door? Will she be single all her life, or will she be his... forever


5. Photo Booth Photos

#imagine Zayn Part 5


*Elizabeth’s POV*


Did Zayn just say what I though he said? He’ll need to do some explaining after this. I still have a tight grip on Zayn’s arm.  Now, I’m hidden even more behind him. I look at Boy 3 up and down. He’s still biting his lip.


“So, we’re gonna get going now. Later mates,” Zayn said. Zayn moved to my side of the sidewalk so they can pass by in front of him. I felt quite protected with Zayn.  It was nice. After the boys I just met left, and made SURE they left, we continued our walk to the library.


“Why did you say I was your girlfriend?” I asked politely. I noticed I was holding onto his arms, but I didn’t care to let go. He had his hands in his pockets, just smiling. “I said you were my girlfriend because if I said you weren’t, they would get close to, especially Harry. I want you all to myself,” he said while saying the last sentence while turning his head and staring at me. I smiled and looked back down. I hope he didn’t notice me blushing.


We finally reached the library. I rushed in. I was so excited! The library was my absolute favorite place in the world, other than home of course! I looked at Zayn who was behind me walking slowly. What a snail. He chuckled knowing I was excited. I quickly made it to one of the tables that would be now forever mine! I sat my bag down beside me while Zayn was at the vending machines.


I took my laptop out. I got really great Wi-Fi where I was sitting, score! I got my notebook out and a pen. In my pencil case I took out a permanent marker. I wrote my name, Elizabeth. I look up and Zayn had taken his seat right in front of me. I smiled, and he smiled back.


“I need to go get some books. Is it okay if you watch my stuff?” I asked. He nodded his head. I got up and walked around. This was a really big library. I finally a book I was looking for, Human Cells. I loved learning about the human body. It’s a really cool subject to me.


I walked back; glad I had a huge book in my hand. I turn the corner where my table is, and Zayn’s looking through my pictures! He was laughing! Uh-oh, this won’t be good! I made my way to see what he was laughing at. It was a video of me I took and edited of me pranking people!


“You’re really funny,” he said. He just smiled. I exited the folder and movie, and made my way towards the Internet. I noticed my bag was on the table and not in the chair next to me. Instead, it was Zayn. Sadly, he noticed my laptop background, Penguins.


“Before you do anything, let’s take pictures on Photo Booth. You definitely need a new background,” he said. Then, we took pictures. We were making funny faces, serious ones, and just plain happy faces. One picture stood out for me the most. It was Zayn wrapping his left arm around my waist while I was hugging him comfortably. He changed that photo to my desktop background.




After a while taking notes and probably boring Zayn with all the research, we left the library. It wouldn’t be till long when it would be dark. I held his arm, you know, for comforting.


“I’m taking you out Saturday night,” he said. “My friends that you met today are coming over tomorrow, so we can’t go then.  So, Saturday good for you?” He asked. I nodded my head. 


“Oh, and when their coming over, you have to at my place. “


Then, I felt a panic attack coming.


End of Chapter 5! Sorry for the really long wait! I know I haven’t been updating a lot, and I’m sorry! School’s always in the way! Another reason that I’m not updating a lot is because of the lack of feedback I get. If I don’t get 1+ comments/feedback for this chapter, then the next won’t come out until a few comments! When you guys comment, it motivates me and makes me update faster! So please, comment!! Part 6 soon! Hope you enjoyed! Xx 

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