You're mine, forever

Elizabeth didn't really love the way her life turned out when her father passed away from cancer. Her mother wasn't very happy of the death after. Elizabeth had grown up, and become the woman she wanted to be, but her mother always hated.
Elizabeth was done with boys after her break up with her boyfriend Joey. He wasn't the best person to be with. He would always forget things, even her birthday.
But what will happen when she meets the new guy next door? Will she be single all her life, or will she be his... forever


6. Knock, knock!

*Elizabeth’s POV*


I felt the panic attack coming, but I tried my best to make it go away. I hate panic attacks. But why would Zayn want me at his place for when his friends come over? Can’t we go to a park or something?


I felt Zayn’s eyes on me. I look at me feet while I blush. I could tell he was studying my face.  I just looked at my feet the whole way home after that.




I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. I took my glasses from my nightstand and put them on my face. I put my glasses on everyday, obviously. I can work with out glasses, but I'd rather not bump into something. And contacts aren't my thing. Last time I wore them... I felt I went blind. 


I grab a towel and stepped into the shower and let the headache wash off. It sounds weird, I know. I got out, and combed through my hair. After, I put a tiny amount of Moroccan Argon Oil to make my hair a little calm when it dried. My hair was naturally wavy, so I was fine.


I walked around in my robe (with my pajamas underneath) around the house looking for breakfast. I settled on cereal since obviously I didn’t want to cook any eggs or anything else for that matter.


In the middle of having my breakfast, someone was knocking on the door. I rolled my eyes and got up to see who was at the door. To my surprise, Zayn. 


“Good morning, love,” he said with a smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and turned around and made my way back to my heavenly breakfast of cereal. I sit on couch, this time, with my cereal in my hand.  Zayn takes a seat right beside me.


“Do you know what time it is?” Zayn questioned me. I shrugged my shoulders. I am a morning person, but I just hate the human population during the mornings… and just every time of the day.


“Well it’s 12:30. So get up, get dressed, and we’re off to my apartment,” he said taking the bowl out of my hands.


“First of all, don’t take my food away from me,” I said taking the bowl out of his hands. “And secondly, I don’t believe I agreed to going to your place. Now, please leave me alone.”


Finally, I can eat in peace. Right when I was going to take another spoon of cereal, Zayn takes the bowl, puts it on the coffee table, and grabs my hand drags me to my room. 


He takes out a white lion muscle tee out, some light blue jeans that were folded a little above my ankles, and brown brogues. After, he just smiled and walked out and let me change.


I walk out of my bedroom after an hour. Yes, an hour. I decided to take my time on my hair and make-up. I put light make-up and since my hair had a nice natural wave to it, I dried it and put a tiny amount of product into it.


I entered the living room to see Zayn looking for something to eat. I cleared my throat and he turned around. He just smiled.




I’ve been stuck here with 5 idiots for 2 hours. I just want to bang my head against the wall. They are so loud! At least I’ve learned all their names and their relationship status’. Louis has a girlfriend named Eleanor. Liam has a girlfriend named Danielle. Niall and Harry are single. But Niall seems single and ready for a Pringle.  You guessed right, a food addict. My type of guy.


I grabbed my phone from my back pocket and checked the time, 2:45. I can escape from this madness.


My plan:


Since Niall’s in the kitchen, he can’t see my leave. Harry and Liam are playing video games, they definitely won’t notice me Louis’ in the washroom, no way he could hear me And finally, Zayn was changing because Niall spilled food on him.


My plan is perfect. So, I got up and left. I couldn’t be any more smarter, if smarter was even a word. Since I was already in my flat, I decided to go to Starbucks and make a trip to the library.  Sounds perfect.


I grab my library card, wallet, and head out the door. I lock the door and walk towards the elevator. This is going to be a good afternoon, I hope.

Before I could take a step forward, I heard a voice.


“What did I tell you about going somewhere alone?”


Oh crap. 



Cliffhanger, I think! Sorry for not updating for so long! I had school and now I’m moving so there’s a lot of stress going around!! I promise I’ll update as soon as I can! Please give me feedback because I love knowing what you guys have to say! Sorry this was a boring/stupid chapter! Hope you enjoyed! :Dx 

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