Can't You See It Doesn't Matter To Me?

What if your online friend loves you? What if you meet them, and you find out they are the person who hates you?


27. Chapter Twenty Six

    When we finally got to the hospital, we all piled out of the car. We went inside. "I'll go talk to the desk lady." Liam said and looked at me. "Want me to come?" I asked. I could tell he was hoping I would. I wouldn't want to go alone either. He nodded. "Okay." I said and took his hand. We walked over to the desk. "Hello, wow. Liam Payne. This doesn't happen everyday." she said. He smiled weakly. "Yeah. I'm here for-" he said, but she cut him off. "I know. You're looking for Ryan. Well.... Liam... she doesn't want to see you." the woman said. "Um, I'm sorry. What?" I butted in. "She doesn't want you guys seeing her in this condition. I'm sorry." she said. "Can't somebody let at least one of us talk to her? We need to see her and make sure she's okay!" I said, getting frustrated. "Honey, calm down. And remind me. Since when are you part of the One Direction party? The only girls right now are Brianna, Brooke, Mollie, and Ryan. So who are you and who do you think you are standing here with Liam Payne?" she snipped. This got Liam raged. "Excuse me? When is that your business? And yes, she is part of our family now. So either you shut your mouth or I'd like to see your management." he said. My eyes were wide. Liam never talked to anyone like that. I guess if he's protecting someone, sure. But me? Since when am I important? And a part of their family? Wow. The lady looked shocked. "I'm sorry. Ryan will not be seeing anyone-" she said, but got cut off by a doctor coming out. "Excuse me for the interruption, but Caroline, please have someone call Ryan's boyfriend or a friend of hers. She wanted to say call Liam and he'll know who to bring?" he said. My eyebrows shot up. "Oh, excuse me sir." Liam said. "Yes? Oh, you're her boyfriend. Well she wants you and some other people to come visit." he said. "Yes, well the thing is, is Caroline? As I think her name was, told us she will not be taking any visitors today." he explains. The doctor raised his eyebrows and looked at Caroline. She was looking at her fingers, twitting her thumbs. "We will talk about this later, Caroline. For right now, Liam and..." he said, waiting for me to say my name. I smiled. "Sam. And can our other friends come?" I asked. "Let's just do a few people at a time. Maybe one more." he said. "Okay. Who wants to come?" I asked. Zayn got up and came over. "Okay. Let's go." Liam said and we followed the doctor down the hall. "Now. She only woke up once and she didn't seem to into it. She might even have problems remembering things or get horrible headaches. So, you must be very quiet and calm. If you need someone, shout to the nurses." he said, and opened the door. We walked slowly in. Ryan was awake, but barely. Liam rushed to her side. "How are you feeling?" he asked. She frowned. "Wasn't I just asked this question?" she asked. "Umm... I guess..." Liam said and looked at us. "Well tell my when my boyfriend gets here." she said. "Ryan.  I am your boyfriend. Liam, remember?" he asked. "Who's Liam? All I remember is the nurse asking me about a boyfriend." she said. We looked at her shocked. "Are you okay, Ryan?" Zayn asked. "Who are you? And why are all these people in my room?" she asked, looking around. Great...

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