Can't You See It Doesn't Matter To Me?

What if your online friend loves you? What if you meet them, and you find out they are the person who hates you?


28. Chapter Twenty Seven

    Liam let go of Ryan's hand and backed away a little bit. "Get the doctor." I said to Zayn. He nodded and went to the hall. I walked over to Liam and grabbed his arm. "Liam..." I said. He looked shocked, maybe angry. "She doesn't remember. Everything we've been through. It's gone to her. She doesn't know." he mumbled. "Liam. Calm down. Come with me." I said and dragged him with me to the waiting area. I led him to where everybody else was. "Hey. How's Ryan? Is she okay?" everyone asked. "Shh. I'll explain in a minute. Liam's.. not having the best time getting this information." I said. We sat down. "Ryan doesn't remember anything." I explained. "What?" Brooke said. "Nothing. We went in there and she thought we were doctors or something. She doesn't remember any of us." I said. "Oh my..." Louis trailed off. Liam still just sat there with wide eyes and a shocked expression. "Liam..." I said and rubbed his arm. He closed his eyes. "Harry talk to Liam please. Sam come with me." Mollie said. We nodded and I followed her to Ryan's room. We walked in and Ryan was crying. "Ryan, what's wrong?" we asked, standing next to her. She showed us a picture of her and Liam. "I found this in my phone. I know he's special. I know all of you are. I just want to remember. But I can't. I just want to go home. I want to forget all of this and remember you guys." she cried. "Shh. Ryan it will be okay. We'll tell you everything." Mollie said and rubbed her arm. She nodded. "Can we go home?" she whispered. I smiled. "We'd love to take you home, but you have to be here for a little longer. They don't know how you are yet." I said. She nodded sadly. "Can you get Liam?" she asked. "Of course we can." I said. Then, Mollie and I left to go find Liam.


   Ryan's P.O.V.

    I was looking through my phone, trying to remember everything, but I couldn't. I found the picture of my boyfriend and me. I think his name was Liam. I wish I could remember it all. I know I love him. I started crying when two girls came in. I think I'd seen one of them when Liam and that other boy were here. I talked to them about it and asked them to get Liam. They are right now.

    I waited patiently until finally, the door opened and Liam walked in. He came over by me. I started crying and he hugged me. "Liam, I want to remember." I whispered. "I know, Love. You will. Zayn talked to the doctors. They said you most likely will remember. They don't know how long it will take, you may not ever get it back. But we'll do our best to help you." He said. "Who's Zayn again?" I asked, remembering hearing that name. "My band mate, or pretty much brother. One of your best friends." he said. I nodded. "I want to go home." I whispered. "You will tomorrow. I promise." he replied and kissed my forehead. A single tear made it's way down my cheek. "It's getting late. Get some sleep." he said. After kissing my cheek, he turned to leave. I grabbed his arm. He turned around. I smiled and pulled him down to kiss him. After he smiled. "Thought you didn't remember." he said. I smiled back. "Just because I don't remember doesn't mean you aren't my boyfriend still." I said. He chuckled a bit. "Where are you going?" I asked him. "I was going to go home, but do you want me to stay?" he asked. I did, but I didn't want him to be stuck here with me. Hospitals are really boring. I shook my head. "Nah. Go ahead." I said. He smiled. "One of the good things about knowing you so well, is I can tell when you're lying." he said and walked over. "No, Liam. I'm okay. Go home. I don't want you stuck here with me." I said. "I don't care where we are as long as we're together, so scoot over or I'll lay on the floor." he said. I laughed and scooted over. "Fine. But I'll get you back for this. Even if I need Sam to help me." I said. He rolled his eyes and laughed. I snuggled up against him. How can I not remember him? He feels so special. I feel horrible for not remembering anything. I can tell all my friends are special. I just want to remember, and I want to go home.


   Mollie's P.O.V.

    Sam and I got Liam, then waited in the waiting room. Liam was in there for a long time. I hope they're okay. "I'll be back. I just want to see how they're doing. Niall want to come?" I asked. He smiled and jumped up to follow me to Ryan's room. We knocked softly, but didn't hear anything inside. I cracked the door and all the lights were out. I turned on a dim lamp that only lights up a small portion of the room. We snuck over to Liam and Ryan. They were cuddled up sleeping. They looked adorable! I looked at Niall and he smiled too. I saw him sneak out his phone, then he snapped a picture. I shook my head and we snuck back out of the room. I really hope Ryan's memory comes back soon. Niall snuck his hand into mine, and we strolled back to find the others. They were all on phones or laptops of some kind. They looked up when they noticed our presence. "They're sleeping." I announced. "Well guess that's our queue to go home." Brooke said. We nodded and went back to Niall's house. "Mind if we crash here?" Louis asked as we entered through the front door. "Nah. Go ahead. Sam can go with Zayn, if she doesn't mind, and Ben can go in Liam's room." he said. Ben stepped up. "That's fine, except Sam may not mind, but I do." he said. Sam slapped him on the arm. "Ow!" he exclaimed. "You certainly do not mind." she said. We laughed. "Don't worry, mate. Zayn isn't like that." Louis said. "He better hope so." Ben said.

  Sam's P.O.V.

    I rolled my eyes. "Okay, Niall take him to his room before he embarrasses me anymore." I joked. Niall shook his head and Ben followed him down the hall. Zayn showed me where we were staying and I recognized the room from where I found him sleeping earlier. We got snuggled together in the bed and soon fell into a peaceful slumber.


A/N: So... what do you think? Will Ryan get her memory back? Or is it lost forever? Sorry, Ryan. I didn't mean to confuse you when you commented on here. I just was messing with you. I didn't want to give it away completely... haha! Thanks for reading!! ~Leah :)

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