Can't You See It Doesn't Matter To Me?

What if your online friend loves you? What if you meet them, and you find out they are the person who hates you?


30. Chapter Twenty Nine

    After the celebration hug, we all gathered in the living room. "So. What now?" Ben asked. "NANDOS!!" Niall yelled. "Not today, Nialler." Liam said. Niall pouted. "And why not?" he protested. "We had it yesterday." he replied. "So, what?" he said, angrily. "So, we don't need it again." Liam said. "Well, actually I want to go to the mall. So what if we went there? Then he could have Nandos." I said. "Thank you! Why can't you be nice like Sam, Liam?" Niall said. We laughed. "Okay, well let's go I guess." he said. We all piled into Liam and Niall's cars. Ryan, Brianna, Harry, Zayn, and I went with Liam, while Brooke, Louis, Ben and Mollie went with Niall. We happily sang along to the radio until we pulled up at the mall. After going inside, we stopped near a table. "Okay, who's going where?" Louis said. "I'm going to Forever 21!" I announced. "Oh! Me too!" Mollie said. "Okay, well I'm going to Game Stop." Zayn said. "Okay, Ben I know you want to go there! So you boys can go there and us girls will go to Forever 21." I said. "Works for us." they said and wandered towards the shop. We all walked to Forever 21 and walked inside. "Okay. What first?" Mollie asked. "Dresses!" Brooke shouted. We shushed her. "Sorry. I just love dresses. Even if I don't buy them I like to try them on!" she said. "Okay, okay. We'll go to dresses. Then shoes?" I asked. "Yeah!" Mollie and Brianna agreed. We all wandered to the dresses section and began finding pretty dresses. "We should see if they guys want to go to a group dinner sometime! Or a dance somewhere or something." Ryan suggested. "Sure!" we all said. "I'll call Zayn and ask. His phone went to voicemail. "Oh, well. We can still get dresses and talk about it later!" I said. "Yep! Now, let's get shopping!" Brooke cheered. We looked around for about twenty minutes. While we tried them on, I got a call from Zayn. "Hey." I said. "Hi. I got your message. We can go to a party tomorrow. I got an invite from Simon." he said. "Sounds great! See you later!" I said. "Bye." he said and hung up. When we finished, we all had chosen a dress for the party tomorrow. Brianna's was red, Ryan's was black, Mollie's was Pink, and mine was blue. Now all we had to do was wait...


A/N; Okay sorry for the short chapter! I've been really busy this week but I'll try to update more next week! These are the links for the dresses:






Sorry if you don't like your dress! I could've done better if I actually knew you in person haha! Thanks for reading! ~Leah :)




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