Can't You See It Doesn't Matter To Me?

What if your online friend loves you? What if you meet them, and you find out they are the person who hates you?


25. Chapter Twenty Four

A/N: I'm going to start having everyone else in here more! The last few chapters were mostly Ben, Sam, and Zayn. What is going to happen with the others back? Hopefully no drama.... again we can only hope... :) ~Leah


    I was sitting on the couch with Zayn, when my phone rang. "Hello?" I said. "Hey, girl!" Brooke said. "Hi Brooke! What's up?" I said. "Nothing, but we were wondering if you and Zayn wanted to come over to Niall's tonight." she said. "Um, sure. And can Ben bring his girlfriend and they can come too if they want?" I asked. "Sure! And it's kind of like a party. Niall's inviting some old friends and their friends." she said. "Okay. Bye Brooke! See you later!" I said and hung up. "Who was that?" Zayn asked. "Brooke was wondering if we wanted to come to Niall's party tonight. We're going. And so is Ben and Karenna if they want." I explained. Zayn nodded. "I'll go tell Ben." I said. He nodded, kissed my cheek, and I got up. "Hey, Ben!" I said as I walked through the hall towards his door. "Yeah?" he asked. "Do you and Karenna or just you if you don't want to invite her, want to come to Niall's party tonight?" I asked. "Sure." he said. "Okay. We're going to leave in a little bit. You can either come with us or come when you're ready." I said. "Okay." he said as I walked back to the living room. "What do you want to do?" Zayn asked as I came back in. I shrugged. "I don't know. I'm bored." I said. "Okay, well how about we go to Niall's now and help get ready?" he asked. "Okay. Hey Ben! We are going now to help set up!" I yelled. "Okay! I'll be over later!" I heard him say. "Bye!" I yelled and we disappeared through the door. We got in the car and went over to Niall's. I knocked on the door and Niall answered. "Well, Hey guys!" he said and hugged us. "Hi." we said. "What are you doing here so early?" he asked. "We just came to help and hang out." I said. "Okay, well come in. Brianna and Harry are here and you know Mollie and Brooke are here already. Liam and Ryan are coming later and Louis is too." he said. "Okay. i haven't talked to Mollie in a while and who knows what Harry and Brianna are up to... so I'm going to go find Mollie." I said. They nodded and I started to search for Mollie. I couldn't find Mollie inside, so I decided to go look outside. I found her putting a table on the patio. "Hey." I said. "Hey! I haven't heard from you in a few days! What's up?" she said. "Lots of drama." I said. " Are you and Zayn together still?" she asked. "Well...we were...then we weren't... and now we are again." I said. She laughed. "Got you. Lots of drama. So... later we can talk about it. Right now I need to go find Ryan." she said. I nodded. She left but then I heard whispering. I frowned and went towards the voices. On the side of the house, I found Brianna with some guy. I ducked behind the grill and listened. "Why are you making me do this?" Brianna cried. "One, you're hot. Two, I hate Harry Styles. He gets too many girls and doesn't deserve you." the guy said. My jaw dropped. I pulled out my phone and started the video camera. I put in around the edge so you could see them. "Oh and you do? You're the one making me do this so you don't tell Harry a lie to break us up." she said. He slammed her back against the house, making her flinch. "You don't talk to me like that. Harry doesn't deserve you. You're mine." he growled in her ear, but loud enough you could hear. We didn't need anymore proof. I stopped the camera and sent it straight to Harry. A second later, Harry was walking towards me. I was in tears by now. "Thanks, Love. Don't worry. I believe her. I'm not mad. Just mad at this jerk." he said and went around the house. I followed slowly behind. "What do you think you're doing?" Harry went over and grabbed the guy. Harry had a good hold on him. He looked at Brianna. "Are you okay?" he asked. She shook her head. He pointed to me. She nodded and started walking towards me. I ran the rest of the distance and pulled her away from them. She hugged me, crying into my shoulder. "Shh. He knows. I recorded it. He saw everything he needs to. He's not mad at you, I promise." I said. We looked back over to Harry. He threw the guy to the ground. "Don't you ever touch her again." he spat. The boy looked horrified. He nodded. Harry let go and the kid ran. He came back over and wrapped Brianna in his arms. "Shh. It's okay, baby." he said. Brianna calmed down a little bit and we all went inside. Harry took Brianna to the couch and held her. I went to find Zayn. I needed him right now. I was shaken up from the whole thing. I found Zayn in his room taking a nap. I sighed and walked out. So much for that. I went to the kitchen and found Ben. I didn't know he was here yet. But good thing he is because he could help me too. I went over to him. I put my arms around him. He responded by hugging me back too. "Hey, are you okay?" he asked. I pulled back. "I think so. I just needed a hug. I just found some guy with Brianna and he was making her make out with him or he would tell Harry something to break them up. So, I recorded it and sent it to Harry and he came out there and like scared the living daylights out of the guy. They're okay, but you know how I am with that kind of stuff." I explained. "Yeah, yeah. I get it. Wow. That's pretty crazy right there. I'm glad you're okay. Where's Zayn?" he asked. "Taking a nap. Where's Karenna?" I asked. "Oh.. We kind of broke up." I said. "What? Why?" I asked. "I just didn't really feel like we were in love." he said. I nodded. "Yeah. Well I'm sorry." I said. But really I was thinking. Was I really in love with Zayn?

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