Can't You See It Doesn't Matter To Me?

What if your online friend loves you? What if you meet them, and you find out they are the person who hates you?


31. Chapter Thirty

   We arrived back at the food court to find Niall stuffing his face and the others talking. "Hey, ready to go?" we asked as we walked up. "What's in the bag?" Zayn asked, snatching the bag to get a sneak peek. I stole it back right before he opened it. "I don't think so! They are surprise. No one gets to see any of them but us." I said firmly. They all pouted. "You'll see them tomorrow." Ryan said. "Fine." Liam snapped. We got up and went back home.

    When we got home, we knew better than to leave the bags somewhere. We hid them in the back of a closet in a chest with a  key. The key was already on top and everything so we took it and hid it outside in the dirt. "Time for bed!" Liam hollered throughout the house. "Awww five more minutes." we all begged. "No. Now." he replied. I looked around. I winked at everyone once I caught their attention. They nodded and we turned back to Liam. "Okay, fine." I said and we trudged to our rooms. Ryan would have the hardest time sneaking out, considering she will be sharing a room with him tonight. "Li, can I please stay up for a little bit and finish this show?" Ryan said, pointing to the TV screen. Liam looked over. "You want to watch this?" he asked. Ryan nodded. "I didn't really like it before, but I haven't really given it a chance yet." she said. He looked at her suspiciously. "Please? With a cherry on top?" she said. "Fine. You have thirty minutes. Be there then. Or else." he said. She nodded and Liam followed behind us to our rooms. We all pretended to get snuggled up in bed and falling asleep, but really we faked it. We finally heard his door close and Zayn and I snuck over to the door. I opened in and looked out. No one was near. I leaned back in and signaled for Zayn to come. Then, I turned around and stepped out, running straight into Mollie, making Niall fall. Mollie almost screamed, but Zayn put his hand on her mouth before she could. Niall was the one we had to worry about. He made a lot of noise colliding with the floor. A second later, we heard footsteps, and out came Liam. Luckily, he looked the other way first, giving all four of us time to run into Zayn's room and get into the bed. Niall and Mollie crawled under it, just in case Liam came in. A second later, the door opened. I looked over. "Zayn asleep?" he asked. I nodded. "Okay, goodnight. I just thought I heard something." he said. I nodded and laid back down as he walked out. A second later Niall and Mollie came out from under the bed and Zayn sat up. We all held our laughs in and opened the door. Liam had gone back to his room and Louis and Brooke just opened their door. We smiled at them and snuck out to Ryan. She was still sitting in the same place with her eyes on the TV. "I thought you were Liam again." she said. I smiled. "Nope." Zayn said. Once we were all out there, we just talked and hung out for a few hours before actually going to bed.


Ryan's P.O.V.

    I walked into our room silently and switched on the lamp, to find Liam sitting up, watching me. I screamed. "I thought I gave you Thirty minutes? It's been two hours!" he said. "Sorry. I fell asleep." I said. "Yeah, okay. So can you explain why I came out there and all of you guys were on the couch talking ten minutes ago?" he asked. "Oh.. I was lonely..." I trailed off. How do I explain this?

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