Can't You See It Doesn't Matter To Me?

What if your online friend loves you? What if you meet them, and you find out they are the person who hates you?


14. Chapter Thirteen

    He leaned in and kissed me. I heard the other's and Niall had lost, but niether of us cared. Eventually they grew silent and started another round. We pulled away and he smiled. I couldn't help but smile at his adorable face. He tangled our fingers together and soon, Niall came over. "I think they noticed." I whispered in Zayn's ear. "You think?" he whispered back sacastically. I rolled my eyes and turned to Niall. "Hi, Niall" I said. He smiled but kept watching the game.

    The rest of the game was pretty much the same. Liam won, but barely. "Okay, Sam. Are you ready to come to my house?" Brooke asked. "Aww. Please stay babe." Louis begged. She kissed his forehead. "Sorry, Lou. But this is a girls' night. Maybe another night we can all stay over with you guys." she said. Louis made a pouty face and returned Brooke's kiss. "Love you, see you tomorrow?" she asked. He nodded. "I'll text you tonight!" she yelled as she went to find Mollie, Brianna, and Ryan. I turned to Zayn. "Guess I'm leaving." I said. "I don't want you to leave." he said. I smiled and kissed him. "I'll see you tomorrow then." I said and stood up off the floor. "Wait." he said and pulled me back down, except now on his lap. "Yes?" I asked. "You never gave me your phone number. All I have is the website." he said. I took his phone and put my number in. "Text me, okay?" I asked. He nodded and kissed me before I stood up to find Brooke. Brooke came in her car, so we just all went in hers because everyone else either walked, or came with the boys. During the car ride, we switched phone numbers and talked about stuff we should do. It wasn't a long ride. Finally we arrived at her house and she led us inside. Her parents were in the kitchen and we all met them. Then, we followed Brooke to her room.We all put our stuff down and sat down. They all looked at me. "What?" I asked. "Spill." Mollie said. I laughed and rolled my eyes. "What is there to spill?" I asked, deciding to play innocent. "You know. Zayn. Maybe um a kiss?" she asked. I smiled. 'Okay. Okay. You guys caught me." I said. "Well? Tell us!" she shreaked. "What is there to tell? We kissed. That's it." I said. "So you kissed but you aren't going out?" Brianna asked. "No. We are. At least now we are." I said. "I just got an idea!" Ryan screamed. "What?" we asked. "We play a prank on the boys." she replied. "How?' we said. "Sam. You ring the doorbell and say we left you in the middle of nowhere." she said. I laughed. "Okay. I don't know how good of an actor I am though." I said. "Okay, well let's see your acting skills." she said. I can make myself cry, so I did. Even tears. "Guys. They just left me in the middle of no where. I have no way to get home and this is the closest place I knew to come." I said. I looked around at them. They just stared with their jaws dropped. "I thought you said you weren't a good actor?" Brianna shreaked. "I'm not!" I said. "Don't you lie!" Ryan yelled. I laughed. "Okay, so I guess I'm going to be the one to go to the door." I said. "Yep! Let's go!" Brooke said and we went to her car.

    "I'll park down the road so they don't notice." Brooke said as we pulled onto their road. We all nodded and she stopped. I ran down the street and rang the doorbell. They were hiding across the street. Zayn answered the door. I already made myself start crying. "Sam! What's wrong?" he said and hugged me tightly. By now, all the boys were gathered at the door. "They left me!" I cried. "What? Who?" he asked. "Brooke, Ryan, and Brianna! They just left me on the side of the road in the middle of no where! And they took my phone and everything I had and this was the closest place I could think to come. And, I'm just so tired and I can't-" I was just rambling but Zayn stopped. "Shh. It's okay." he whispered. "What! No it's not! I'm calling your phone right now. I know they will answer." Liam said, taking out his phone. Oops. We didn't think he would call my phone and we didn't turn the sound off. Unfortuatly, I didn't think about this until my phone was ringing. They all looked at me. "What? They put it back? They didn't even say anything!" I yelled, making more tears fall. They eyed me suspiciously. "Why would they do this?" I asked to try and distract them. "I don't know but-" Harry started, but got side-tracked as he looked across the street. Please say he didn't see them. "Liam, did you just-" Harry started but Liam cut him off. "Mhm." "You know what? I'm just going to give Brianna a call." he whispered, probably because they knew who it was, and so they wouldn't hear. And, of course, Brianna keeps her volume way up and we all knew that, so we could hear it bright and clear from across the road. Ryan peered out from behind the bush. "It's over, guys! They know!" I yelled. "Aww!" Ryan yelled and they made their way across the street. The boys just looked at us. We started laughing. "You should've seen your faces!" I yelled. "Yeah. Hahaha." Harry said. Zayn just looked annoyed. "Aww. I'm sorry, babe." I said and hugged him. "Better?" I asked. He pressed his lips to mine, then pulled away and smiled. "Now I am." he said. I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder. "Well we got to go. We just came to play our prank." Brooke said. "Yeah, you girls have a good night." Liam said. "And watch out!" Louis whisper-yelled. We waved and turned to leave. We probably shouldn't fall asleep tonight. Because I have a feeling they are planning a revenge attack.



A/N: Okay. Sorry I couldn't update much today. I didn't feel so well when I got home from school, but now I'm feeling much better. I will try hard to update again tomorrow. Thanks for reading! Hope you like it so far! :) ~Leah

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