Can't You See It Doesn't Matter To Me?

What if your online friend loves you? What if you meet them, and you find out they are the person who hates you?


6. Chapter Six

    Apparently somebody caught our kiss. Rumors are everywhere! And now, since we both confirmed it, everyone wants to be my friend. Even Shayla. The 'queen' of the school. She thinks she's all perfect and the world revolves around her. So guess what I'm doing to everyone? "No. I don't want to be around you. All of you weren't my friend until Zayn. So that means, you just use me to get popularity or to Zayn." They all deny it. I'm not as dumb as they think. I was walking down the hall when I heard my name. I turned my head to look. Zayn was at the end of the hall making his way through the crowd to catch up. "Hey." he said, smiled and kissed my cheek. I smiled back. "Hi. Where are you going?" I asked. "Art." he replied. "Isn't that all the way across the school?" I asked. He nodded. "Why are you here then?" I asked. "I knew your class was somewhere over here. I wanted to say hi and meet me after the last bell?" he said. "Sure. Where?" I replied. "Um. Just come to art." he said. I nodded. He kissed my forehead. "Gotta go!" he said and ran the other direction. I smiled to myself and turned back to go to class.

    When I got to class, a lot of people were already there. I chose the seat in the back corner. I patiently waited for the tardy bell to ring, when I girl I hadn't ever seen before came in. She walked over to the teacher and told her something. The teacher nodded and called me over. "This is Kristy. She is new here and needs a place to sit. I noticed you don't really sit by anyone. Would you mind if she sat by you?" Ms. Anderson asked. I thought about this. New girl. Doesn't know about anyone. Doesn't know about me or Zayn. No friends yet, otherwise she would sit with them. Chance of friend for me. "Sure! I don't mind at all! I can help show you around too if you need it!" I said and smiled towards her. She smiled shyly back to me. "Oh and I'm Sam." I added. "That's a pretty name." she responded. "Thank you. I love your's too!" I said. She smiled and I turned to direct her to the back. We came and sat down. "So where are you from?" I asked. "Colorado." she replied. "Wow! You moved, like, across the world then??" I asked. "Yeah. All the way here." she replied. "Well, here's my number. I kind of can't hang out today. I'm meeting my boyfriend after school, but tomorrow want to do something?" I asked. "Sure, but spill. I love talking about boys." she said. I laughed. "Zayn Malik." I replied. "No way! You know Zayn Malik?? From One Direction?" she asked. "Yeah he goes to school here." I replied. Her eyes got wide. "Seriously?? How come nobody figured this out since he moved back for a few months?" she asked, kind of talking to herself. I shrugged. "Who knows?" I asked. "I have no idea. Maybe they are finally getting the definition of privacy in their heads." she said. I laughed a little and said, "Yeah. You want to meet him?" I asked. She got really excited. "Could I?" she asked. I nodded. "Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!" she squealed. "Don't thank me yet." I said. She smiled and the teacher started our lesson.

    When the final bell rang, I rushed out of class. "Hey! Wait up!" I her Kristy yell. "Yeah?" I asked as she caught up. "Tomorrow want to come over and hang out?" she asked. "Sure. Want me to bring Zayn if he can come?" I asked, smiling. Her face lit up and she nodded. "Okay. Well text me later!" I said and continued walking to the art room. I finally got there and walked through the door. Zayn was in the back cleaning up some paint. I set my stuff down and snuck up behind him, hugging him. He jumped. "Sam! You scared me!" he exclaimed. I laughed. "Sorry. Hey, there's this new girl. She invited me over tomorrow. I told her I would see if you could come. She is a fan of One Direction." I said. "Mm. Haven't seen any in a while." he said. I nodded. "Yeah, okay. We're actually all meeting here and they are at my house for a few days. They could come too. They get here tonight, but I'll be asleep." he said. "Okay. Sure." I said, trying to act cool. I was a big fan of One Direction until Zayn came. I still secretly was a fan though. He eyed me suspiciously. "Are you- trying not to fangirl?" he asked, smirking. My eyes got big. "Um.. No." I said. His eyes got wide. "You like One Direction. Don't you, Sam?" he asked. "Uhh... No! Where would you get that from??" I asked, trying to sound normal. "Don't lie to me." he said and started tickling me. "Okay! Okay! Fine. I am trying not to fangirl. I love One Direction, okay?" I admitted. "Wow... I was kidding, but really?" he asked, shocked. "Well I was, until you came here... and yeah. But I guess now I can be again." I said and smiled. He smiled. "Good." he said and hugged me. "Let's go. I have to stop by my locker, but otherwise we're good." he said. "Okay." I said and got my stuff. "Allow me." he said and took it from me. "No. I got it." I said. "Hmm. So you're a little stubborn are you?" he said, jokingly. "No. I just know how to carry my stuff. But thank you anyways." I said.and took it back. "Fine. You can carry it today, but you won't get away with it anymore." he said. "Whatever, Zayn." I said and started walking through the door. He laughed and followed me down the hall.



A/N: Want to be a girlfriend in the story?? Can't be Zayn's, of course. But Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam are open! If you want one comment! I need you to include your name please!! If people dont' comment by when I need them, I will just have to make up names. I will announce winners soon! Sorry if you don't win!! Thanks for reading!!! :D ~Leah

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