Can't You See It Doesn't Matter To Me?

What if your online friend loves you? What if you meet them, and you find out they are the person who hates you?


18. Chapter Seventeen

    "Um... Zayn?" I said. "Yes, Love?' he says. "His car isn't here..." I said. "Well where is he?" Zayn asked. "I don't know. I'll call him." I replied. Zayn nodded and pulled into a parking space. I pulled out my phone and dialed Ben's number. "Sam!" he answered. "Ben! Where are you?" I asked. "Sam. Just go. Get out of there. Don't worry about me. Stay with Zayn. Tell him I trust him and if I get the chance I will kill him if he hurts you. I love you Sam. Stay away from mom and dad." he whispered. "Ben where are you??" I asked. There was no answer. Instead, I heard Ben scream and what sounded mother? "Hello?" she said into the phone. "Leave Ben alone." I said. "You better come home. Or Ben will pay your price also. Keep that Zayn boy away too. Whoever he is." she said. "When Ben comes and gets me, I will come home. Otherwise, Ben leaves and you don't get either of us." I said. "Hmm. I think not. Because who has Ben? And who wouldn't want to see Ben get hurt because she wouldn't come home." she said. "Leave him alone." I threatened. "You can't do anything about him. So if you don't want him to get hurt you get here." she said. I didn't answer just hung up. I just sat there, silently staring at my phone in disbelief. She had Ben. She had Ben! She was hurting him! He risked getting hurt just to warn me to leave! I have to get him out of there. "Sam?" Zayn asked. I snapped out of it and looked at him. Then, I realized I was crying. Zayn hugged me close. "I have to go home." I said. "What? I'm not letting you go back to your freak parents!" he said. "Zayn. They have Ben. They will hurt him if I don't." I said. "Well I can't just let you go back to them. There's got to be something we can do." he said. "No, Zayn. There isn't anything." I said. "What if they trade Ben for me?" he asked. "It doesn't matter, I wouldn't let you." I said. "Sam. Please don't go back." he begged. I decided to lie. He would never let me go no matter what I did. "Okay, Zayn. I guess Ben can find a way out." I said. "Thank you so much. I would be so worried if you left." he said and hugged me. I nodded. I wish I didn't have to lie. I just can't sit here and have Ben get hurt for me not going home. We left and went back to Zayn's house. It wasn't very late, but I was tired. "I'm tired, Zayn. Where can I go to bed?" I asked. "Down the hall to the left." he said. "Thanks babe." I said and kissed his cheek. "That's it?" he complained. I smiled and kissed his lips this time. "Okay, goodnight My Sam." he said. I smiled. "It feels like it's been forever since you called me that." I said. He smiled. "Goodnight My Zayn." I said and down the hall. I went in and sat down. I needed a plan. Wait. I can't get in, get Ben, and get out without any problems! Was I crazy? I snuck out the window, and ran down the street to my house.

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