Can't You See It Doesn't Matter To Me?

What if your online friend loves you? What if you meet them, and you find out they are the person who hates you?


7. Chapter Seven

A/n: Hey guys. Thanks if u tried to be a girlfriend. I already have Liam's spot taken and I'm talking with some girls for Niall. I still have Harry and Louis without girlfriends!!! Comment if u want one!! Again, sorry if u don't get the spot. Maybe I can get u in somewhere else, but I don't know. The girls will start to show up in a few chapters. maybe around nine or ten!!! :) thanks so much for reading!!!! ~Leah


    We went to his locker and he put his stuff that he didn't need away. Then, we left to go to the park where we planned to go anyways. At the park, there were a few little kids there, but didn't bother us. We just sat on a bench near the little pond nearby. "You're sure you want to do this?" I asked. "What do you mean?" he asked. "Be with me. I mean, you're just going to loose popularity." I said. "I haven't yet. Maybe a little because I hate Jake and he hates me now, but who cares. It doesn't matter to me. I just want to be with you." he replied. "But, Zayn. You never have before." I said. "Maybe, but now I do." he said. "Yeah, because you met my online person." I said. "Hidden? Yeah, it was still you though. I have been with you since I met you on there." he said. "But Hidden isn't really me." I said. "Yes it is. You controlled what she does and says." he responded. I guess he was right. "I guess I just didn't really wonder about you at school. I never really looked at anyone except like Jake and them." he said. We were interrupted by my phone. It was my older brother. He's is always making sure I'm okay. Since my parents beat me, and I accidently was talking too loud about the bullies beating me up at school. "I'm sorry. It's Ben. I kind of can't ignore him. He'll freak out." I said. "It's okay. I'll be back." he said and went towards the playground. "Hey, Ben. I'm fine." I said. "Where are you?" he asked. "I'm at the park with someone from school. Are you alright?" I asked. "Not really. Dad just like attacked mom and went after me, but I ran to my car before he could do anything. Don't go home. Meet me back at your school. I'll come pick you up." he said. "Ben. Can't I just stay here for a while" I begged. "Not today. Come now I'll be there soon. By the front." he said. "Okay, fine." I said. I hung up and went over to Zayn. "Hey. I'm sorry, but my brother needs me for something." I said. "Are you okay?" he asked. I considered telling him, just melting down in his arms, but then he would be a part of it. He would do anything to help, and I wasn't willing to let him. "Yeah. He just wants me to help him do a project." I said. "Okay then. I'll talk to you later then?" he asked. I nodded. "I'll check my phone soon." I said. He leaned over and kissed me. For the second time, I kissed Zayn Malik. The thing is, I wasn't sure if I really loved him.


A/n: Sorry about the short chapter. I will do another chapter later today. Thanks again for reading!!! Love, Leah :) xx

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