Can't You See It Doesn't Matter To Me?

What if your online friend loves you? What if you meet them, and you find out they are the person who hates you?


5. Chapter Five

    Our lips were just about to touch, but I turned my head. He looked a little disappointed. "Sorry." he said. "No, I am. I'm just not ready." I replied. "It's cool." he said. "Maybe, well you still look upset now." I said. "Well, I just get this feeling you don't love me anymore." he said. "I don't know if I do, that's the problem. I know, that's what you were afraid of, but Zayn. Really? You've bullied me before. You let other people bully me and you just watched." I replied. "I know. I'm so sorry, though. I just wish I could go back and change it all. I want to love you. I want you to love me, but I guess it's to late now." he said and looked even more upset. "No, Zayn, I didn't mean it like that." I said. "Maybe not, but it still is like that." he said. I don't know why, I just moved his head and pressed our lips together. I'm going to regret it later, but I let him down. I told him I wouldn't care who he was. I said I still loved him no matter who he was. And it was true. He really didn't mean to hurt me before. You could really tell. I pulled away and we had our noses together. He was smiling. "I love you, Zayn" I said. "I still do." "I love you too, Sam." he replied. I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder. "Lunch now?" he asked. I nodded and he took my hand to lead me to the cafeteria.

    We walked into the cafeteria and everybody looked over at us. We just ignored them and kept talking about random stuff until we got our food and sat down at a table. Still, eyes lingered on us. It's like they weren't even there, though. Once we finished eating, we got up and went outside to the field. We sat on the bleachers together for the last ten minutes of lunch. "So, Friday what are you doing?" he asked. I smiled. "What about today? We still meeting at the park?" I asked. He smiled. "If you're still going," he said. "Sure." I replied. "Good. So, Friday then, want to come over?" he asked. "You're inviting me to your house?" I asked. "Um...yes?" he said. "This day just keeps getting weirder and weirder. But okay." I replied. His smiled got even bigger. "Good." he said and then the bell rang. He took my hand and we went inside to get our stuff from our locker. We had the same class after lunch, so we sat together there, too. Jake tried to sit by Zayn, but Zayn got up and moved to the desk right behind me since I was close to the wall. Jake just got up and sat by me to annoy us. "Go away." I told Jake. He looked at me. "When have I ever listened to you?" he shot back. "Get away from her and leave us alone. I already told you this." Zayn said, glaring at him. "I'm just trying to apoligize." he said. "We'll never forgive you." Zayn replied. He looked at me with pleading eyes. "I've given you those pleads before. Did you respond to them? No. Go away and leave us alone." I said. Someone whistles. "Yeah!" a girl screamed. "We're tired of you being in charge of the school! It's time we give it over to Zayn!" one of Zayn's friends yelled. "Zayn! Zayn! Zayn!" the room cheered. I smiled and Zayn did too. Jake just left and the class went back to normal. Zayn moved back to his origanol seat. "Why did you move again?" i asked. "Closer to you." he said and smiled towards me. "You really mean all this, don't you?" I asked, fascinated. "What?" he asked. "You really mean, you wish you could take back everything you did to me and people like me. You actually care. You love me." I whispered the last part. His smiled got bigger. "Of course I do. I didn't before, but then I met you. Well on the website. Then, you told me about the people hurting you, so I felt your pain. Jake has bullied me before too. He's the reason I did all of it." he said. "Well, Zayn. You're on the way." I replied. We smiled and got lost in each others' eyes.

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