Can't You See It Doesn't Matter To Me?

What if your online friend loves you? What if you meet them, and you find out they are the person who hates you?


8. Chapter Eight

    I ran back to the school and sat on the bench out front until I saw my brother's black truck pull into the parking lot. When, I got into the car, he didn't seem very good. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Fine." he replied. "Where are we going to go? What about our stuff?" I asked. "I don't know. For tonight, we are sleeping in the back." he said and pointed to the back seat. "Ben. We can't live in your truck." I said. "We won't forever. Maybe just a few nights. We can sneak back home tonight to get some stuff." he said. "Ben stop. We have to go home! You may be almost an adult, but I'm still just a teenager." I said. "Sam. I love you. And I'm not stupid. If you love someone, you don't want them to get hurt. You're not going back home. Ever. I don't want them near you ever again. You're my little sister and I don't want that for you." he said and held my hand. A tear snuck down my cheek. "Why do we have to have this? Why can't we have parents who care about us and have normal lives?" I whispered. "I don't know, Sam. But I'm always here for you." he replied and pulled me into his arms. I nodded and he let go and started to drive.

    Later that night, we snuck inside to get some clothes and other belongings. We made it in and out successfully without getting caught because our parents weren't home. Ben drove us out to a Wal-Mart parking lot and we climbed into the back seat and laid out some blankets. We laid down and Ben wrapped his arms around me. "I love you, Sam." he whispered. "I love you too." I whispered back and soon fell asleep.


    "Why did you lie to me??" Zayn yelled furiously. "I didn't want you to have to be part of it!" I said, tears spilling from my eyes. "Well, it doesn't matter! You still need to tell me this stuff! I guess if you don't trust me, then I'll go." he said and turned to start walking. "Zayn! Please!" I yelled. He just ignored me and kept walking.

                                                                                ~End of Dream~

    I was woken by Ben. "Sam?? Are you okay?" he asked. "Yes. Why?" I asked. "You were crying in you're sleep and screaming at somebody to stop. "Who?" I asked, afraid he knew who I was screaming at. "I don't know. I couldn't understand you." he said. I sighed. "Well, no. I'm not. I need to go talk to someone. Can you please drive me there?" I asked. He looked unsure, but finally gave in. "Thank you." I said. I directed him to Zayn's house. The only reason I knew where he lived was because I used to like One Direction and would send them fan mail, except to his real house instead of their P.O. box. Once we got there, I told Ben to wait in the car. There was only one window with a light on. I climbed the tree in the backyard to look in. Zayn was sitting on his bed. I have no clue what he was doing, but I knocked lightly on the window. He jumped a foot, but then saw it was me. He opened the window and helped me inside. "How do you know where I lived?" he asked. "Ummm... I loved you guys, remember?" I asked. "Oh...yeah... Well are you okay?" he asked. I threw my arms around him and started crying. "No. I'm not okay." I said. He got really calm. "Shh. Come sit down." he said and led me to his bed. We sat on the edge and he looked at me. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Well, the reason I left earlier... wasn't because my brother wanted help with a project..." I said and looked at him. He got a little hurt in his eyes. "So... you were lying..." he said. "No. Please don't hate me." I said and started crying harder. "Hey. I didn't say that." he said. "Well... the reason I'm telling you is because... I had this dream.. and it was about me lying to you. And you found out and hated me." I said. "Shh. I don't hate you." he said and hugged me. I just hugged him back. "Now tell me why you left then." he said. "My brother called and my dad had like... attacked my mom... and he tried to attack my brother too. So, my brother ran to his car... and came to get me at the school." I said. He looked disgusted. "Where were you then?" he asked. "Sleeping in my brother's truck in a Wal-Mart parking lot." I admitted. "Sam! You could have come here." he said. "Well... Zayn... That's the thing." I said. I think it's time he knows the truth. "What?" he asked. I looked at him. "As much as I hate telling you this... I don't know exactly if I really love you. And I don't think you really love me. I think you feel trapped and don't want to let me down because you told me you didn't care on that website." I said. He was silent for a moment. "You know what Sam? You aren't right. I didn't feel trapped. I wouldn't anyways. I would have told the truth. And did you ever think that maybe you were the one that felt trapped? Because last I checked you kissed me in the janitor's closet." he said and walked out of the room.

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