Save You Tonight

In this Movella, 12 year old Sydney-Rose has had a hard life. Both her parents are dead and she now lives with her 24 year old brother, Walker and his druggie girlfriend, who makes her do things that even grown adults wouldn't do. She just can't handle it anymore. One night someone finally helps her runs away. What happens when the 12 year old runs into the newly famous One Direction? Will they protet her from Walker? Will she finally have a family?

*Just so you know this all starts when the boys have just become famous so it takes place back in 2010*

*For mature readers*


1. Prologue

 I hate my life. I'm 12 I should be going to school and playing sports, but no. I have to spend my nights with perverted 40 year olds. I should introduce myself, my names Sydney-Rose Marie Grey. I have blonde hair and bright blue eyes, well they used to be bright now they're just dull. I have severe asthma and have to carry an inhaler with me at all times. I live with my brother Walker, and his girlfriend Victoria. They both are druggies and use me to get money.

You see I wish I could be a normal kid, but my brother won't allow it. I've tried running away, but the last time I did that he hit me, and now it's a regular thing that happens daily.

I miss my parents and I wish they were still here. I wish I could still go to school and go to gymnastics everyday after school. I want to run away and find someone to love me and treat me like the little girl I am. I miss my old life. I miss when my brother was nice, when I was loved. I miss my life.


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